What Hyland customers are prioritizing in 2023

Hyland's Customer Success team asked CommunityLIVE attendees to share their priorities for 2023 via Post-it notes.

In this post:

Everyone knows the feeling of looking at their to-do list and wondering … where am I even going to start?

The need to prioritize always hits a little harder in Q4.

Most organizations are in the thick of finalizing their 2023 plans, which means — hopefully — they’ve spent a good deal of time listening to team members and pinpointing exactly what the must-accomplish projects are.

For many, there’s a curiosity around what other enterprises are focused on.

That’s where Post-it notes come in.

CommunityLIVE’s Post-it board results

At October’s CommunityLIVE event in Nashville, Hyland asked customers some important questions:

  • If you could have any Hyland resource on site with you for a week, what would you have them do?
  • What is the biggest challenge in day-to-day ownership of your Hyland platform?
  • What is your organization’s highest priority over the next 12 months?
  • What other technologies are you leveraging to transform your business?

While these questions (and answers) are meant to inform our Customer Success teams on how to serve you best, we thought our 15,000-plus customers would be interested in what their peers are prioritizing in 2023.

Let’s dig in.

A pie chart showing Hyland's customers' priorities for 2023. Migration - 15%; upgrades - 15%; product-specific - 12%; automation - 12%; uncategorized - 11%; integrations - 10%; to-do list - 7%; drive efficiency & and go paperless - 7%; people - 6%; security - 3%; cost savings - 3%.

Hyland customers’ top technology priorities for 2023

Upgrade systems

Whether prepping for an upgrade, stabilizing it or finishing it, upgrading has the attention of Hyland customers, and they’re ready to get it done in 2023. Staying current with your solutions — including your Hyland products — helps secure success by:

  • Increasing security
  • Enhancing performance
  • Leveling up in new capabilities and user experience
  • Keeping compatibilities with crucial third-party systems smooth and effective

Hyland customers: Be among the first 50 customers to book your upgrade by December 31, 2022, and you’ll get a free Strategic and Change Management workshop in 2023 (a $20,000 value!). Contact your Account Manager to start the process.

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Cloud icon

Migrate to the cloud

Hyland’s team of cloud experts has been growing — and it’s a good thing!

Cloud migrations tied with upgrades as the top priority for Hyland customers going into 2023. With new cloud solutions like our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hyland’s platform as a solution (PaaS) content services offering, Alfresco, many customers are eager to advance their cloud strategy.

While most responders went broad with “migrate to the cloud,” many specified their intentions:

  • Justify migrating to the cloud
  • Migrate to PaaS (Hyland’s Alfresco platform is a platform as a service)

Hyland customers: Sign up quickly and easily for your cloud consult and launch your cloud migration efforts.

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Unlock product-specific enhancements

A personal favorite of our Customer Success team, product-specific goals shed a lot of light on what’s been catching the eye of our customers. Here are some highlights:

  • Workflow: AP Workflow expansion; refine Workflow; Workflow Unity Forms; Advanced Capture Workflows; merge existing Workflows; new Workflow apps
  • WorkView: databases and reporting Workflows; implement WorkView; contract management application building in WorkView
  • OnBase: Implement OnBase; finish OnBase conversion
  • Legacy migrations: Move to Brainware; migrate from IBM FileNet to Hyland’s Alfresco platform
  • Digital access management (DAM)

Gear icon


The accounts payable (AP) crowd came out strong for automation, with goals to automate AP and integrate robotic process automation (RPA). While AP departments were a significant portion of automation priorities, insurance claims automation and HR were also called out.

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Two arrows integrating


Hyland customers want to create the smoothest paths, with the most core technologies, that they can. In 2023, we have customers who will use our products to connect all of their data across platforms, so they can better deliver their services to their customers and users.

The most popular systems our customers noted they will finalize their Hyland integrations with were:

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Make a dent in to-do lists

Every IT team knows the feeling of a never-ending to-do list — or worse, large, hard-to-complete projects with moving finishing lines.

Many of our customers put those pain points to paper by noting housekeeping-like items to cross off their lists in 2023:

  • Expand facilities
  • Prepare for growth
  • Come up with a plan (oof, can we help?!)
  • Stabilize system

When there’s never enough time or people, and the punch list keeps growing, a managed services model can help accelerate your digital transformation.

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Icon depicting a digital screen

Drive efficiencies and go paperless

Digital transformation is never fully complete, and most organizations find different areas of their enterprise are at various stages of the journey. Many of our customers will focus on going fully paperless in 2023 and optimizing processes by:

  • Removing wasted time
  • Creating more efficiency
  • Improving business processes
  • Decreasing customer processing time
  • Modernizing
  • Using digital signatures

One customer goal in particular made our Customer Success team laugh: “Exile paper to the depths of hell.” We’re with you!

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Security lock icon

Ensure security

Cybersecurity and the tactics that make it successful were on the minds of many of our customers. Goals for the year included single sign-on (SSO), cloud data security and solidifying vendor partner security.

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Dollar sign icon

Capture cost savings

Making sure your technology and partner investments pay off rounded out responses, with a few customers noting goals like gaining back revenue, reducing costs and taking projects live and under budget.

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Icon of a person's silhouette

Get the right people with the right skills

The tech job market has been wild these past few years, and most organizations — whether they’re rooted in the technology industry or not — have felt the pinch. Organizations across the world have struggled to find, hire and retain the tech workers they need, and Hyland customers are no different.

Goals pertaining to the workforce included:

  • Attend to staff needs
  • Hire and onboard new support staff
  • Retain employees
  • Provide user knowledge and training

Cloud administrators got a special shout-out in our informal poll, and we’re not surprised. For organizations trying to deploy on the cloud on their own, misconfigurations due to lack of cloud-specific training can be costly and create inefficiencies, security concerns and poor ROI. Plus, these cloud experts are difficult to find.

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A note on “uncategorized” goals

Many Hyland customers had specific goals related to their technology, both from a product and big-picture standpoint. We found it a bit difficult to parse them into the categories so many of our responses filtered into, but they were enlightening nonetheless.

The uncategorized Post-it notes ranged from “complete registrar process” and “payroll system” to “migrate off Report Services” and “assess current RMS state.” Suffice to say there were a lot of unique answers pertaining to organization-specific priorities.

Achieve your 2023 goals

Hyland customers have big goals for the year, and we know they can accomplish them. As partners committed to your success, we will help you however we can.

Contact your Account Manager to start the conversation on how best to complete your 2023 to-do list.

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Morgan Kent Molden is a writer and editor in the tech industry. She manages the Hyland blog and helps Hyland's team of experts talk all things content services. Morgan is based in the Des Moines, Iowa, area, where she and her husband raise three smart and curious daughters. Morgan coaches youth soccer and basketball.
Morgan Kent Molden

Morgan Kent Molden

Morgan Kent Molden is a writer and editor in the tech industry. She manages the Hyland blog and helps Hyland’s team of experts talk all things content services. Morgan is... read more about: Morgan Kent Molden