What do EDUCAUSE, IT leadership and Safety Patrol have in common? More than you think.


It’s my daughter’s final year in elementary school, so the start of school has brought new opportunities for leadership – like Safety Patrol. Her duties include directing kids and parents across streets safely, letting drivers know where to pick up and drop off children according to carefully-thought-out traffic patterns, and basically keeping things from turning into a party in the middle of the street.

The children working Safety Patrol take the job so seriously, it makes it really fun to watch. But they could really use the help of a CIO thought leader.

You see, when a bus is approaching, Safety Patrollers yell, “Bus!” as loud as they can, scrambling to grab all the orange cones off the street. That signals others to be ready, so the bus can drive up to the front of the school. If a bus drives by but doesn’t turn into the school, they yell, “False alarm!” and put the cones back in place.

What a difference technology could make! Any CIO would see that a walkie-talkie would prevent kids from having to yell. But yelling is how it has always been done – and it does work. Sound familiar to any technology leaders out there?

At EDUCAUSE, we’ll get a chance to revisit our approaches toward leadership and how we find the best places to apply technology in higher education to affect student success. But how do we ensure that the technology we choose fits our long term strategy and is a safe and manageable investment?

Two of Hyland’s technology client leaders – Kevin Palmer of Columbia College and Kirk Kelly of Portland State University  – were recently interviewed by the EDUCAUSE organization about their thoughts on the challenges IT Administration is facing and which strategies they use to adapt and stay current. The eight short videos of this discussion are well worth watching.

So if you’re looking to break free from using dated communication strategies and technology work-arounds – like employees scrambling to find information and feeling like they’re about to be run over by a bus – it’s time to visit EDUCAUSE. Whether it’s admissions processing and review, transcript capture and evaluation, financial aid or curriculum review, it’s time to rethink the way you’ve always done things. And that all starts with decreasing your dependency on paper to make information instantly available across your institution.

See you at EDUCAUSE, September 29 to October 2, in booth 823!

Laurel Stiller

Laurel Stiller brings her passion for helping institutions strategically maximize their efficiency to Hyland as its marketing portfolio manager for Higher Education. A graduate of Miami University, Ohio, with more... read more about: Laurel Stiller