We’re here to pump (clap) your solution delivery up!

I often think of those legendary Saturday Night Live skits featuring Hans and Franz when chatting with our customers who are looking for proven methods to do more with their Hyland platform technologies.

Seriously, in my role here at Hyland, I’m lucky — and pumped! — to work with a cross-section of some of our largest college and university customers. They have made a commitment to continual improvement with their Hyland solutions, expanding capabilities throughout their campuses to meet the ever-evolving challenges higher education institutions face in today’s digital-first world.

It’s an exciting time to be able to help them reach their goals.

What you might find interesting is that, even among the most forward-thinking institutions that deploy content services at an enterprise level, typically we see that they are stronger in one of two areas critical for ongoing success in digital transformation. Those areas are:

  1. Managing the infrastructure for the Hyland solution
  2. Delivering and supporting solutions for functional offices

So the big question is: What is your organization’s stronger strength?

Basically, are you Hans or Franz?

That said, after working with hundreds of customers over the years, in my opinion, our most pumped up and successful customers are the ones who are stronger with No. 2: Delivering and supporting solutions for the functional offices.

This is not to say that managing infrastructure is not important. It is. However, organizations that focus too much on managing infrastructure risk losing sight of the impact and value that products like OnBase and Perceptive Content can deliver, including:

  • The efficiencies and visibility that accompany integration and automated digital workflows
  • Improved customer service and response times
  • Enhanced security and eased compliance
  • The ability for staff and students to work from anywhere
  • The business agility necessary in today’s digital landscape where challenges are constantly evolving

It does make sense. Because organizations that focus on delivery are motivated by solving business problems.

So, if solution delivery is already your strength, how do you flex that muscle? And if your resources are better at managing infrastructure and you have room to advance solution delivery, what steps can you take to improve in that area?

Let’s explore.

3 key strategies that enable your teams to deliver solutions with maximum impact

There are three important Hyland offerings which can help organizations of any type direct their focus on delivering impactful solutions — which will ultimately deliver more value.

Let’s take a deep dive into each one.

1. The Hyland Cloud

The Hyland Cloud delivers a better way to manage your infrastructure — including constantly maintaining security, updates and performance — taking a large burden off of your team’s shoulders.

Last year, a record number of on-premises-based organizations migrated to the Hyland Cloud, and the number of customers making this jump continues to increase as we move into 2021.

Why? Because it allows organizations to focus limited resources (people and dollars) on the work that matters most.

Forrester recently completed comprehensive research which highlighted the Total Economic Impact of a Hyland Cloud implementation, and much of that impact is made up of infrastructure cost avoidance as well as the opportunity to create and expand business solutions. High-availability, disaster recovery and customer success were included as key drivers as well.

What this means is — taking disaster recovery for example — your teams will have one less infrastructure headache to worry about because Hyland assumes that work. This not only frees your teams for high-priority solution delivery, but it also alleviates risk.

Put another way, the Hyland Cloud is a strategic remedy for infrastructure headaches. Eliminating the need to take so many aspirin. (Note: savings on aspirin is not included in the Forrester analysis.)

2. Managed Services

Hyland’s Managed Services are a budget-friendly way to maintain focus on functional solutions. With Managed Services, organizations can offload day-to-day system administration, maintenance and solution improvement to the experienced Hyland Global Services team.

In a Managed Services engagement, our content services experts take on the heavy lifting of strategically maintaining your Hyland solutions, including:

  • Application administration
  • Solution optimization
  • Monitoring and pro-active management
  • On-demand consulting

The three levels of Managed Services — Basic, Advanced, and Premier — are designed to meet the needs of your unique organizational strengths and requirements. And even at the Basic level, by letting Hyland Services assume some burden of solution maintenance, you’re poised to accomplish two big things.

They are:

  1. Freeing resources to tackle additional business problems
  2. Enabling your team to collaborate with experts who have proven experience in your industry, in content services and in strategic digital transformation approaches — and who have well-established and proven best practices to share

In the long-run, both of these are huge positives if you need to improve on the delivery of Hyland solutions.

Managed Services are designed to be a low-cost, low-risk, high-upside offering for organizations that need a jumpstart, and can be ideal for organizations looking for this level of expertise for as little as three months.

3. Premium Subscription Traininglooking at data

Premium is a subscription-based offering that grants everyone in your organization online-, on-demand access to hundreds of role-, industry- and technical specialty-based training modules.

Most of the training courses are between 30 and 90 minutes in length and they are applicable and useful to everyone from your most technical resource to your end-users. (Honestly, my only ‘beef’ with Premium Training is that there are so many courses that it can be difficult to decide where to start!)

Just kidding, Hyland Training has you covered with Learning Paths that help guide where you should start and which paths will best support you in achieving your goals. This includes helping you provide the training to end-users and leadership teams that fosters user adoption and customer delight.

And it’s exhilarating and inspiring to explore the topic areas where you can develop transformational solutions with the technology you already have in place.

Hyland is prepared to help you pump (clap) your transformative solutions up!

So in the words of Hans and Franz, “Hear me now, believe me later!”

If you think there is room to gain more value from your Hyland Solutions, it’s likely that one or more of the options above are a fit for your organization.

Want to find out more? Your Hyland account manager can help you dig into each of these a little further.

Andy Dierks has helped colleges and universities improve business processes through technology since 2006, when he joined Perceptive Software, which is now a part of Hyland. Prior to Perceptive, he worked as an advisor at the University of Kansas and as a campus recruiter for McKinsey & Company. Outside of work he enjoys traveling with his family, reading fiction, and listening to 1980s post-punk. He resides in Lawrence, Kansas.
Andy Dierks

Andy Dierks

Andy Dierks has helped colleges and universities improve business processes through technology since 2006, when he joined Perceptive Software, which is now a part of Hyland. Prior to Perceptive, he... read more about: Andy Dierks