The top 5 #AskBillFilion Q&As: Customers interview our VP of Development


Last week, I had the opportunity to spend an hour with Hyland’s VP of Development, Bill Filion, as he fielded questions from our customers, employees and the media for the #AskBillFilion social media chat.

We received many questions about the higher education space, as our customers and higher ed team prep for the upcoming EDUCAUSE conference in Indianapolis. We also received a few fun questions that we love to see during these interactive chats.

If you missed out on the live chat, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top five Q&As:

1. Brian R., customer: Recently, I’ve noticed CRM systems like Salesforce are growing in terms of what kinds of solutions they offer, especially in healthcare and document capture and management. Since CRM systems have powerful automation functionality, and often require content such as marketing materials and documentation to complete task cycles, do you see a future where content management systems and CRM systems will eventually merge into one system that has the ability to do it all? Is this in part what the future of WorkView is?

Bill: Probably not. However, if it does happen, it’ll take a company like Hyland to build CRM into the product or solution suite. But a CRM maturing within itself as an ECM platform over a number of years – we’ve spent more than 20 years maturing our product – I don’t see happening.

CRM is scaled for volume of data. We’re scaled for quantity of content (an unlimited quantity of different types of record structures). And content is only going to grow.

2. Melissa from University Business: Within #highered, what administrative area is seeing the most growth of ECM use? Or what area do you anticipate will be seeing explosive growth in the near future?

Bill: Enrollment management was the front-runner for so long, but we are seeing a transition to a comprehensive “one student record,” which folds in student affairs, career planning and other supplemental offices around campus that ultimately impacts student completion.

However, there is no question that Workday exploding into the HR space in higher ed is providing an excellent opportunity for HR offices to re-imagine strategic business processes. I also see huge opportunity around Athletic departments because they are so data and paper intensive and underneath such heavy scrutiny. And they require interaction around the entire campus.

3. Russ B., customer: Can you comment on the future of Unity Client (click once deployment) vs HTML5 browser access?

Bill: Microsoft is moving away from click-once deployment, so we’re following its lead. It works well in certain circumstances, but it does not work as a strategy for everybody.

4. PJ C., Hyland employee: We’ve recently seen numerous security breaches affect millions of people, how does OnBase protect customer data from these types of hacks? And part two – some people say it’s not a matter of IF systems will be hacked but WHEN and how companies will detect these breaches and shut the system down. What is your response to that approach?

Bill: We take the security of the data that our customers have entrusted us to store in OnBase very seriously. We train on and execute a secure development lifecycle within the development team. Our QA engineers are trained on locating security flaws and breaches that are identified during their testing activities. We even have a multi-departmental review committee that oversees all identified security issues located in the product.

We take these issues very seriously and they are addressed in a very timely manner. Any identified breach that puts our customers’ data at risk results in a fixed software and security bulletin that we make available through Community – our online space where customers, partners and employees connect and find answers to their questions.

Additionally, before we ship any release, we perform extensive penetration testing to locate anything that might have been missed during development and testing. With any act of software development, it’s possible to introduce a defect. We feel that we are addressing the needs of our customers by introducing processes and training around security to find them before we ship. We want our product to be as secure as possible to hold the mission-critical data that we store.

5. Kerri C., customer: Are there specific solutions geared towards higher education that are in development and/or testing? I know that several Outcomes Based Solutions are listed for higher education, but most are in the stage where Hyland is looking for a customer to partner with them.

Bill: We’re seeing trends for solution development in HR and advancement. A hot topic at CUPA-HR was onboarding/offboarding and faculty tenure/promotion. We have customers implementing these solutions right now, and in most cases, our case manager solution is proving to be a critical tool for building them.

The long-term value of building an Outcome Based Solution with case management is that every data structure built into one solution is available for the next … and the next … and the next. If the solution is for a student, this begins to provide a 360-degree view for the student. If this is for faculty, this begins to provide a 360-degree view for the faculty. There is no limit to how many solutions you can build on the case management platform.

6. And a final bonus question just for fun, Megan K., Hyland employee: You’ve had a long career at Hyland, and I’m sure many memorable #HylandLife moments but can you share a favorite?

Bill: Listening to Miguel sing karaoke of “American Pie” on Bourbon Street to a packed audience was awesome! The energy was unreal. #HylandLife.

That sure does sound like a great #HylandLife memory!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the #AskBillFilion chat. Head over to our Facebook page to catch up on all the other questions and answers.

Is there something that you’d still like to #AskBillFilion? Leave your questions below in the comments section.

Or bring your questions for Bill or Laurel Stiller to booth #1218 at Educause, October 27 – 30.

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the premier Content Services organizations in the world. Over the past ten years Alana has worked in the ever-changing social media space and is excited to socialize how Hyland can help organizations realize their full potential. When not tweeting about Digital Transformation, she can be found boating with her husband, cheering for the Browns or running around Cleveland’s Westside with her dog Cabela.
Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the... read more about: Alana Coticchia