The future college registrar – with document management software

Picture this. You’re the head honcho at your college’s Office of the Registrar. Today, you’ve been tasked with a complete makeover of your office by 2015. Of course, if you don’t meet the deadline, you risk being outpaced by the competition, both in office efficiency and student service.

We’re talking the gold standard for 2015. What will your registrar’s office need to look like five years from now? How must staff, services and responsibilities change? What help will you need to get there? How will higher education software play a role?

Registrar's Office of the past: No document management, enterprise content management or workflow - just long lines

These are some of the same questions that Harold Pace, Registrar from the University of Notre Dame, asked leaders on his campus. And at the recent American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) meeting, he presented his findings in a session called, “The Registrar’s Office of the Future.”

So, how did his campus leaders respond? Interestingly, the focus was on how registrar office managers and staffers roles would change. Specifically, registrar employees need to be proficient in document imaging, workflow and records management technologies.

This conclusion only emphasizes what many of us already know. Namely, that software solutions like enterprise content management (ECM) – referred to as document management or document imaging by some – offer significant efficiencies when compared to the old file cabinet and microfilm way of doing things. And now, achieving these results is so important that it’s a part of employees’ job descriptions.

While the benefits of efficiency are the most talked about, here’s a plus that’s perhaps not so obvious: employee job satisfaction. Staffers who feel empowered and valuable are more satisfied in their careers. Sure, it’s not as easy to quantify as the hard cost savings of getting rid of the paper and freeing up floor space. But, a happier employee usually leads to lower turnover, higher quality staff, better customer service and, most importantly, happier students.

Now that’s a solid return on investment.

If you've ever worked with the higher education industry, you know they expect vendors to really know their market inside and out. Good thing Ian Levine does. He's Hyland's director of higher education solutions, and has more than a decade of experience in the space. Specifically, he has successfully designed and implemented more than 80 systems and directed 40 other implementations in universities. These impressive stats even got him recommended for the Master of Information Technologies distinction from AIIM International. Want to tap into his expertise? E-mail works best: [email protected]
Ian Levine

Ian Levine

If you’ve ever worked with the higher education industry, you know they expect vendors to really know their market inside and out. Good thing Ian Levine does. He’s Hyland’s director... read more about: Ian Levine