The concept of “technology years” at AACRAO

If you read my pre-conference blog post, you recall that I talked about the difference between the AACRAO of 100 years ago and the AACRAO of today. When I arrived at this year’s show, I found it funny that the welcome letter took this concept to an even bigger extreme. technology_years

At this year’s show, we’re looking to solve challenges and leverage opportunities that didn’t even exist a decade ago. How true. Technology is changing things very, very quickly.

As we finish the first day of #AACRAO, it’s time for a few observations from the show floor. It seems technology is creeping into every aspect of enrollment management and student success. So many institutions are adopting a data-driven culture: tracking course selections, compiling diversity metrics and financial aid amounts – even charting future courses and predicting the likelihood of an on-time graduation.

But yesterday I asked someone, “What is the most critical issue your institution needs to solve?”

The answer was, “Transcripts.”

The conversations I’m hearing on the floor are all about solving transcript problems:

  • For starters, it is essential for a transcript solution to not only articulate transcripts as quickly and accurately as possible, but to write the articulation rules back to your ERP.  With this functionality, you know the next time you “capture” a course, it is automatically applied to the student, quickly and consistently.
  • Integrations with an institution’s ERP are another important factor to consider when selecting a transcript solution. A seamless integration allows relevant information to be passed back and forth between your ERP and your document management solution – supporting equivalency decisions. It also leverages the investments that you’ve made in CollegeSource TES, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Banner or other enterprise systems.

For me, all this simply solidified how important it is for us to not only look at using technology to initiate new opportunities, but to seek ways that technology can improve our current operations.

As for improving transcript processing, I’m pleased to say we are several “technology years” ahead of the competition. And, if like me, you are here at AACRAO, please stop by and see us in booth #525. We’d love to tell you all about it!



Laurel Stiller

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