The company you keep … Reflecting on how ECM helps higher ed work smarter, not harder

As I am brand new to Hyland Software, my inaugural post will be observations on a technology company working to skyrocket efficiency in higher education.  In my third week at Hyland as the Industry Marketing Manager –Higher Education, I’ve put this company through an exhaustive personal review so that when I look at my many clients and co-workers from 20+ years working and serving higher education, I am confident I can recommend Hyland without reservation.

A company I can keep…

So let’s start here.  Evaluating the company I chose to keep.   Let me say that ECM companies – document imaging, managing business process more efficiently and leveraging technology that will compliment and maximize your ERP –  was where I wanted to go in my career.  There are a lot of documents to manage in higher education.  I saw the stacks of paper firsthand working at Dickinson College helping dedicated people in the Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar office move paper around making critical decisions that impacted the college in a substantive way.  We used the “sneaker-net” back then – student workers racked up miles walking across campus routing folders with documents that need to be reviewed to admit students, award aid and scholarships, and register students. Not incredibly cost effective.  Neither was the practice of annually hiring temp workers to enter massive volumes of data.

Fast forward to today.  As a parent about to send a child off to college, I see the other side: families have to submit a lot of paperwork and encounter a number of problems if we don’t.  I now see how the admissions process can be done better, faster and easier by leveraging the ERP that enrollment management staff already use every day – with increased accuracy and less lost paper.  I’m hearing about schools that, with technology and more efficient process, are decreasing decision times to more than two weeks earlier than previous years.  Let’s be honest, the first acceptance letter a student receives carries a lot of emotional weight that a second third and fourth  cannot quite match.   Enter OnBase at Hyland Software.

A company that wants to keep you…

So I chose Hyland Software for my career next step.  I want you to know I chose a company that wants to keep you – our clients and prospects.  I value the life-long client partnerships that higher education can bring.  I know you don’t have time to keep implementing solutions, nor do you have money to waste on false starts or products that don’t work.  Staff have to “work smarter, not harder” as my favorite VP used to say.   At Hyland, we are going to prove our ROI when you choose OnBase as your ECM solution.  And we can.  As I get started, I’m hearing great stories about eliminated file cabinets, eliminated warehouses filled with boxes of papers, faster decision making and smarter processes.  I’ll showcase and introduce you to our clients who tell these stories and we’ll figure out together where we can save you money.

Hyland Software is the company you can keep for imaging, routing and so much more.  And the savings you’ll get when we are done?  Yeah, you can keep that too!


Laurel Stiller

Laurel Stiller brings her passion for helping institutions strategically maximize their efficiency to Hyland as its marketing portfolio manager for Higher Education. A graduate of Miami University, Ohio, with more... read more about: Laurel Stiller

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