Mission critical: How IT helps schools live up to their mission statements

In higher education, institutions move forward with dedication and devotion to their common mission, from leadership and admissions to instructors and maintenance crews, and, of course, the IT team. In today’s modern world, when your organization commits to achieving a high standard of excellence and service for students and community, IT is on the front lines.

So, how can you help your institution further its mission?

By deploying intelligent capture software that improves the experience of students and staff with tasks like applying for school, submitting transcripts and interacting with the back office. To save time and increase accuracy, you can now utilize innovative software that extracts information from paper and electronic documents and passes validated data to core business applications.

In higher ed, intelligence matters

A powerful intelligent capture solution will deploy and scale quickly, because you won’t need to build and maintain templates. It will also provide the fastest and most accurate ways to capture data on the front end and deliver it wherever it needs to go.

In fact, with more than 900 higher-education customers using Hyland solutions, we are accustomed to partnering with IT to help you reach your mission-critical goals. Because higher education is often the incubator for new and innovative ideas, these missions can be high-reaching.

For example:

To empower our students and community to achieve success and economic mobility through academic excellence and engagement.

– St. Petersburg College

If you want to see how St. Petersburg College cut transcript processing from 10 days to an average of three to five, click here.

To build a better world by providing transformational opportunities and skills, promoting an inclusive and diverse culture, nurturing creativity, and solving problems through research and discovery, all in service to Arkansas.

– University of Arkansas

Want to see how the University of Arkansas makes transcripts an enrollment advantage? Click here.

3 ways to reach your goals

As you can see in the case studies above, intelligent capture software helps you move toward your goals. But the ability to optimize your processes doesn’t stop there.

Here are three more ways to deliver on your mission statement:

1. Speed admissions decisions

Your admissions team is often responsible for the first impression of your institution. And, because first impressions are so important, you need to equip them with user-friendly, customer-centric technology.

By deploying an intuitive intelligent capture solution, your talented admissions team can minimize the time-consuming and mundane tasks of entering course data and searching for equivalency information. This leaves time to focus on delivering exceptional service to prospective students, helping your institution recruit the best possible students and getting their educational journeys started off on the right feet.

Because your institution is competing for the best-fit students, your team needs to be agile, tech savvy and insightful about admissions. With intelligent capture capabilities, your team will level-up through:

    • Faster answers on admission status, course equivalencies, financial aid and more
    • Quicker admission decisions instead of tedious and unending data entry
    • Decreased manual review processes

2. Centralize student records

Sixty-two percent of surveyed institutions have seen an increase in the number of official transcripts issued by their institution in the past five years, according to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). With more data coming in, your team can leverage a tool like Brainware for Transcripts as an on-ramp for all student records going into the student information system (SIS).

“We’re always looking at how we can be more efficient and faster, yet still maintain our high quality of service to students,” said Maria Drew, assistant director of admissions at St. Petersburg College. “Brainware for Transcripts was crucial for this process.”

Utilizing intelligent capture for transcripts allows you to:

    • Classify every incoming transcript, whether paper or electronic, without manually overseeing records
    • Intelligently reconcile content from transcripts with your SIS for more complete and dynamic data capturing
    • Seamlessly integrate your SIS or operate as a 100 percent solo solution

3. Make invoicing painless

Taking your optimization a step further, you can utilize innovative solutions to intelligently capture invoices. This solves the problem of getting those invoices entered into your financial system and ready for payment, drastically reducing the time spent on data entry and validation.

You’re also empowered to:

    • Provide insight into processing status, from receipt of invoice to payment posting
    • Share data across departments regarding invoice payments without costly ERP licenses
    • View a complete audit trail of processing and approval
    • Automatically enforce payment policies to ensure legal compliance

Meet us at Educause, booth #1539

Whether you’re a CIO, system administrator or technology director, your IT team holds a lot of power. You touch every system, from admissions and transcripts to invoicing and course catalogs.

At Hyland, we see you and the power you have to help your higher-education institution rise to its mission. If you’re attending Educause, consider a stop at booth #1539 to see how expertly tailored solutions not only impact technology, but also the quality of service and reputation of your school.

Michele Allen is Hyland's global program manager for government and higher education.
Michele Allen

Michele Allen

Michele Allen is Hyland’s global program manager for government and higher education.

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