Leaves or content – which is harder to control?


It’s fall and for many of us, that means it’s time for some hearty leaf raking. I love a beautiful fall day, with the sun shining and the whole family working together in the yard. At the end of the day, we can actually see what we have accomplished.

Now picture this: My husband, father-in-law and cousin – all wearing those high-powered leaf blower backpacks – leaving me to handle the rake and tarp. They blew leaves into large piles, while I raked them onto the tarp and then dragged it to the side of the road for pickup.

When you have three people making the piles and you are the only one doing the raking, you tend to get behind. At some point, my cousin suggested I get a bigger tarp. So I did. But then all I had was this GIANT pile of leaves that I couldn’t possibly pull on my own. It turns out a bigger tarp didn’t make my work more efficient.

In the middle of all this, I thought of enterprise content management (ECM) and conversations I’ve had with customers recently. Imagine all those leaves are content and that one giant tarp is a content repository. The idea of having all your content in one huge repository – like a shared drive or a strategic content creation tool – doesn’t necessarily mean it is accessible to the people who need it, when they need it. When it comes down to it, the repository can turn out to be a good way to end up with a giant pile of leaves on a tarp in the middle of your yard – or a giant pile of content heaped into one system. But that doesn’t mean it’s strategic or accessible.

Imagine searching through that pile to find a specific leaf. Impossible.

If you are looking to develop a vision of what strategic ECM can do for your organization, take a peek at this recording of Kevin Palmer, former CIO and now VP of enrollment and marketing at Columbia College. In the video, he explains his strategic vision for ECM on his campus.

Then, when it’s time to choose a strategic ECM solution that will empower your organization with easy access to what you need, you’ll have the tools to select the right one. So don’t search through giant piles of leaves, use the right tool to deliver the right leaf – each and every time.


Laurel Stiller

Laurel Stiller brings her passion for helping institutions strategically maximize their efficiency to Hyland as its marketing portfolio manager for Higher Education. A graduate of Miami University, Ohio, with more... read more about: Laurel Stiller

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