How higher education software helps you better counsel students and ensure success

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Students have returned to campus and the fall semester is in full swing. Though they are usually young adults learning to be responsible for their success, it is our job to ensure that success. Sometimes, they need counseling to get them through a rough day, week, or more. Fortunately, there are always people to help.

But most institutions lack the proper systems to help track student progress. They’re still relying on paper.

Tracking student progress – electronically

The good news is there is a robust, complete tracking solution that organizes all information surrounding psychological student care in one place, enabling you to spend more time focusing on student needs and less time searching for information. And it all starts by capturing student information electronically in a secure, central location and making it available to the right people at the right time.

The right solution provides counselors with systems to manage appointment scheduling, add notes, track student interactions and audit all student counseling records – electronically. Using multiple systems, especially paper, and requiring counselors to remember all of the clerical tasks required for each student means less time counseling them. Paper-based processes are also prone to error, creating a sense of detachment with students.

Finding the right student enrollment management system

For a strong and comprehensive student counseling solution, look for one that offers a comprehensive view into all counseling-related activities – so you improve the quality of service to the students who need it most.

Here are a few more things to look for:

  • Provides role-based security, so even the department secretary cannot see the nature of student appointments – just schedule time blocks
  • Allows for easy system integrations so you can easily access relevant student and emergency information from your student information system (SIS)
  • Tracks comprehensive student contact summaries including email, phone calls, etc.
  • Improves appointment scheduling, including functionality to track ”no shows”
  • Eases the creation and printing of student summary reports
  • Helps manage FERPA compliance by aggregating data into one system so information is not at risk of being lost or seen
  • Includes reporting dashboards, providing real-time views for those who need it – including how many students are actively in counseling, how many appointments are booked, financial aid verification and other important student metrics

With the right technology, not only does your institution achieve ROI by reducing the costs and risks of depending on paper, it also provides the best student counseling possible. Armed with real-time information, counselors are prepared for success, which translates to student success.

Jasin Kessler

Jasin Kessler

Jasin Kessler serves as an Account Executive for Higher Education for Hyland, the Westlake, Ohio-based developer of OnBase. Jasin is responsible for working with colleges and universities to help them... read more about: Jasin Kessler

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