AACRAO18: The (not-so) secret benefits of electronic transcript capture

From the session topics to the conversations in our booth, there was a clear theme at #AACRAO18: if you aren’t utilizing electronic transcripts, you’re behind the curve.

At Hyland, we talk a lot about the benefits of electronic transcript capture. We know that when you automate the manual evaluation and processing of these important student assets, you create many benefits for your college or university – from providing stronger advising and more accurate degree audits to accepting students faster and reducing their debt.

Good for students

During a panel session where three registrars from three very different institutions presented about their journeys to electronic transcript processing, I learned that making this leap can mean a lot more to students than just great service. For some students, a quick response to a transcript request can mean acceptance to a school, a scholarship or even a job.

That means institutions that leverage intelligent capture technology and workflow management contribute to student success faster.

Good for staff

In addition to the benefits students realize, registrars at the conference also mentioned that implementing electronic transcript processing has had a positive impact on staff, too.

In fact, reallocating resources to higher value functions (one school reduced processing staff from 12 down to one, and evaluators from 22 down to six) has led to happier staff and a higher rate of retention. One person I talked to even attributed the implementation of electronic transcript technology to movement of staff into higher pay bands – a win for the often overworked and underappreciated enrollment management staff.

So, have you gotten behind electronic transcript capture at your institution? If not, consider making the switch to stay ahead. For your sake, and your students.

Katie Tomicic

Katie Tomicic

Katie Tomicic joined Hyland in early 2012 as a member of the Office of the CTO. A mom of two, entrepreneur and undercover karaoke star, she disguises herself during traditional... read more about: Katie Tomicic

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