Who’s complaining? Find out with our new complaints management solution


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared to manage whatever situation may arise.

That’s true at any level of government – whether you’re a state agency or local county department. Because government provides a variety of services for its constituents, it is imperative that those being served also have a voice in the process.

From dealing with issues regarding professional licenses for local accountants and dentists to daycare incidents, your constituents have a right to voice their grievances.

That’s why Hyland created a solution for managing complaints that come into your organization. When a constituent contacts you with an issue – for instance, a large pot hole on a busy road – your agency/department can easily capture their complaint and track its status throughout its handling.

Free download

And here’s the best news: If you’re a Hyland customer already using OnBase and its WorkView capabilities, you can download a configuration export of the solution for free!

This solution provides the case worker with a complete view of all the information they need to address the issue – from a view of the complaint, who/what location was involved and any related tasks, media and documents.

Here’s a view of what the solution could look like for an end user:

complaints management solution

Endless possibilities

By tracking and managing all the information and tasks related to each case within the platform, you can resolve issues faster. And that means you can get back to providing those essential services your constituents rely upon faster with data at hand to solve those issues should they ever arise again.

The possibilities for this type of solution are endless. As governments grapple with managing the pandemic, they can use the solution to manage any issues/complaints that arise related to COVID-19. For example, health departments could use it to manage and track all COVID-related complaints to ensure the appropriate steps and protocols are in place at local businesses, helping to keep communities safe. But you can also expand its use for other areas – from public housing complaints to internal issues and more.

Don’t start from scratch trying to create your own complaint management solution. Leverage the tools you already own with Hyland’s content services platform to quickly create a dynamic solution for your end users and constituents.

To access the complaint management configuration, visit Hyland’s Application Builder Community, where our Concept Solutions team provides all the tools you need to get started building solutions. You’ll find more than 20 unique concept solutions available for download as well as related materials like key features, benefits and demos for each.

As 2020 winds down and we prepare for the next year ahead, it’s critical for state and local governments to help constituents navigate their way through this unpredictable time. Addressing their concerns in a timely manner can help. And the Hyland platform you already own can help you meet those needs.

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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