How to accelerate federal processes – the modern way

Federal agencies have a tall order: Modernizing operations and enhancing the transparency, quality, and accessibility of services to citizens. All on lower budgets.

When you add outdated legacy systems, siloed collaborations and inefficient manual processes to the list, it sums up the dilemma agencies face. From a citizen’s point of view, what matters most is how well, how efficient and how fast you can deliver a service experience.

This is where automating processes makes incredible sense: It saves time, streamlines the decision-making process, and reduces costs. Today, with business process management (BPM) technologies, you can meet those challenges head-on, while reducing your operating costs and maximizing the returns on investment.

Consider these two statements:

  1. 78 percent of respondents carrying out 154 BPM projects had return rates better than 15 percent; 55 percent had returns in the $100,000 to $500,000 range, and 67 percent of the projects were completed in less than six months, according to a Gartner report on BPM.
  2. 96 percent of respondents agree that BPM is a systematic approach to improving business processes, according to AIIM’s Business process automation: Designing an intelligent workplace (2017). While 56 percent cite their greatest value from process improvement and automation as the ability to process critical activities faster and 45 percent cite increased visibility into their operations.

Embracing BPM technologies, such as a workflow management tool, is necessary to automate repeatable administrative tasks and streamline processes in federal agencies. This allows for more efficient operations and functionalities at a lower cost.

4 benefits of workflow management

With workflow management, you optimize your resources and maximize operational efficiency on a reduced budget while enjoying these benefits. To help you find the right solution, here are four key benefits your agency can leverage from workflow.

1. Accelerated processes

Eliminate paper-based processes that slow down your agency’s ability to deliver key services to constituents. Such inefficient, manual processes can consume your staff’s time with backlogs of paperwork.

By automating critical processes, you complete repetitive tasks with minimal staff involvement and enable automated flagging of exceptions that require staff attention. You will only need them for review and approval.

2. Task prioritization

Equip your staff with a simplified method to focus on the highest priority work while staying on track with other tasks. Intelligent automation enables you to configure process rules – like deadlines you must meet or tasks checklist – to help you stay on course.

Business process management also organizes tasks based on the order of need, stature, and other rules. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks as new tasks come up and priorities shift.

3. Compliance assurance

Prevent errors or delays that can potentially snowball into serious risk factors, resulting from crucial information that’s buried in stacks of documents. Workflow sends automated notification reminders on tasks and required documents to you and those you collaborate with, keeping everyone in the loop.

This effectively eliminates compliance risks and ensures consistency and accuracy in your work – every time.

4. Process visibility

Tackle process bottlenecks and roadblocks with BPM. Monitor your processes in real time and identify potential issues that might impede your productivity and efficiency. With BPM, you also have access to complete view of all information, see where things are in the process, and who is next in the workflow. This gives you complete visibility into your processes from start to finish.

Make the smart move

Failure to modernize puts your agency at risk. A holistic content services solution with built-in BPM tools can significantly drive operational agility, intelligence, and efficiency across your agency.

Business process management tools empower your agency to not only improve business processes and decisions, but also provide a solid framework for modernizing your services.

To learn more about how you can achieve optimal process efficiency, download our ebook, 6 key tools to drive federal digital transformation.

Sheryl Altschuler is Hyland’s solution marketing manager for the government and higher education industries. In her role, Sheryl’s responsibilities include go-to-market planning, positioning, content development and market research and intelligence. Sheryl joined Hyland in early 2020 and brings more than 20 years of B2B marketing expertise in technology, software and emerging solutions, including prior experience at Perceptive Software as an industry marketing manager and content strategist. She enjoys creating market positioning and content that resonates with agencies and institutions. Working collaboratively with the sales and marketing team, Sheryl delivers thought leadership that helps prospects and customers discover how Hyland’s solutions and industry expertise can deliver better experiences to the people they serve.
Sheryl Altschuler

Sheryl Altschuler

Sheryl Altschuler is Hyland’s solution marketing manager for the government and higher education industries. In her role, Sheryl’s responsibilities include go-to-market planning, positioning, content development and market research and intelligence.... read more about: Sheryl Altschuler