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In today’s technology-driven environment, it has become imperative for federal agencies to improve collaboration and communication among departments, organizations and citizens. However, this is easier said than done.

For instance, it can be challenging to transfer documents or critical information between departments without a secure and convenient channel. And it can be even more difficult when departments fall prey to a siloed approach to working. This siloed approach not only bogs down your staff from doing good work, but also can adversely impact citizen engagement.

Aside from collaboration, agencies also must face the added challenge of remaining in compliance with enforced regulations.

It is time to change the way you work. It is time to leverage technology to transform how you collaborate. For example, a tech solution like enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) makes collaboration easier, according to Cheryl McKinnon, a principal analyst at Forrester Research.

“Electronic file sync and share breaks down barriers between companies and their key external stakeholders without sacrificing security and auditability,” said McKinnon. “It’s about finding that balance.”

 3 key benefits of EFSS

A content services platform with EFSS capabilities enables you to share information in a way that is interoperable and integrative, while driving the concept of collaborative governance. Here are three key benefits:

  1. Simplified file sharing and review

Instead of having to email back and forth without a convenient and secure channel, with EFSS, you securely share documents and content like reports, photos and videos. You also easily manage and access all data anytime, anywhere, as all content is stored on a centralized platform.

  1. Reduced compliance risks

An EFSS toolset allows you to share information with internal or external personnel with specific restrictions on who can read or make changes to it. With easily configurable access control rules and encrypted keywords to protect files, you ensure your documents remain secure while preventing leaks.

In addition, EFSS also keeps an audit trail of all activities and provides version control tools to allow your staff to see document changes.

  1. Improved collaborative relations

Leveraging a centralized content services platform with an EFSS application enables you to share information directly from your core system. This eliminates the need to repackage files and promote fast and efficient collaboration between individuals and groups.

Having almost instant access to information enables agencies and their collaborative counterpart to engage citizens in quick and productive interactions.

Governance on the go

Choosing a content services platform with an enterprise file sync and share toolset simplifies information sharing and other crucial activities at the federal level. Taking things a step further, with cloud-based collaboration and communication capabilities, you can drive greater efficiency and productivity across departments and organizations, while empowering citizens with the information at their fingertips.

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Sheryl Altschuler

Sheryl Altschuler

Sheryl Altschuler is Hyland’s solution marketing manager for the government and higher education industries. In her role, Sheryl’s responsibilities include go-to-market planning, positioning, content development and market research and intelligence.... read more about: Sheryl Altschuler

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