The connected credit union, part 3: 4 ways your branches can win with ECM

Maybe not this No. 4.

Maybe not this No. 4.

Number 4 has always been one of my favorites. A  lucky number of sorts. So I’m pumped that we have arrived at the 4th part of this blog series on how your team can battle inefficiencies and transform your credit union into a powerhouse of service – by connecting people and processes.

Can you tell I’m ready for football season?

Providing fast, accurate answers for your members is vital. This is not only a great time to make a lasting impact on them, but also to capture sales information, generate leads, make tailored offers or create new sales. That’s where enterprise content management (ECM) – also called document management – can help. These powerful solutions centralize your information and connect your credit union, so member service representatives have only one place to look for the answers they need.

Since ECM seamlessly integrates with existing core line-of-business applications, representatives never have to leave their familiar environments to get what they need. So, on top of winning favor with members because you’ve answered their questions quickly and completely, you save money and resources on training costs as well.

More victories.

Keeping track of your stats
ECM solutions also provide the ability to track every interaction with members. Representatives can instantly see all documents associated with a member to answer their questions faster. And managers can instantly see real-time process statistics and bottlenecks to proactively prevent problems.

After all, you want your absolute best team on the field, right?

But there’s more. Check out these four highlights on how leveraging ECM can lead your branch operations to championship status:

1. Reporting automation

ECM takes data from your core and turns that information into fully indexed and widely accessible reports and documents – viewable in an instant by any authorized user at your credit union. No more printing and consolidating reports.

2. Account management

By enabling your credit union to recreate paper-based forms into electronic forms that members and employees can access through your intranet, web site and home banking platforms, ECM gives you a consistent process that is quicker and more accurate. It also decreases new account opening processing times.

3. Wire transfer automation

ECM allows your credit union to create a consistent and repeatable process for every wire transfer request. This reduces risks, decreases paper and transaction costs, reduces the amount of time needed to execute the process and improves member service.

Think of it as your front line, giving you protection while enabling strategy and speed.

4. Courier and shipping reduction

ECM also empowers your credit union to cut courier costs from branch to branch.

Once you scan all inbound mail, the ECM system’s workflow engine automatically notifies the intended recipients that there are images of information they might be interested in. This eliminates shipping costs between the branch and home office, ending the need of physically transporting checks for processing.


Along the same lines, your credit union can decrease shipping costs associated with transporting paper loan documents from multiple branch locations to a central underwriting location. ECM images all paper loan documents, automatically recognizes the type of documents and the keyword values, and then routes them to the appropriate underwriters or loan officers for review. Not only does this eliminate shipping costs from the branch, but it also increases the speed of loan reviews and gives instant and secure access to documentation.

Extra point!

Creating a dynasty
Human Resources. Accounting. Compliance. Branch Operations. Think we’ve tackled it all? Not yet.

Next up on our schedule is to take on inefficient lending practices. So suit up and we’ll see you on the field!

Michelle Harbinak Shapiro

Michelle Harbinak Shapiro

Michelle Shapiro brings more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry to her role as Financial Services marketing portfolio manager at Hyland. Her mission is to share best... read more about: Michelle Harbinak Shapiro

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