Searching for solutions: How Hyland tracks down customer challenges and solves them

Our customers face new challenges every day. We typically learn about those challenges firsthand, when a customer reaches out via phone or email – or even on a tradeshow floor. This rarely comes as a surprise, as it is a typical way software vendors and customers communicate.

There is a difference, though.

While we’re grateful for feedback through traditional channels, Hylanders don’t like waiting around to tackle challenges. Instead, we seek them out, calling on customers to find out what new obstacles are thwarting their digital transformations. Sometimes, we discover problems they didn’t even know they had!

Throughout it all, our goal is simple: to help you focus less on managing and accessing information and more on using it to make more-informed decisions.

Discovering new solutions by visiting customers

This vital partnership usually helps us create new and innovative solutions. Consider, for example, our loan document tracking solution.

The impetus for the new solution came after our financial services team visited several financial institutions, while on the hunt for business process pain points.

Traveling from organization to organization, the team heard similar stories about how difficult it was to manage document compliance of loans and their entities reliably throughout the lending lifecycle. Even though some of these organizations had applications that fulfilled a portion of their needs, none had a complete end-to-end solution meeting all requirements.

Adding tens of thousands of active loans to the equation caused a tedious nightmare when seeking to manage compliance risk.

Turning words into solutions

During each visit, Hylanders took copious notes and asked what must have seemed like a thousand questions, but it was all to get at the heart of the problem. We then brought all that data back to the office and huddled until we could work out the right solution.

In this case, we were able to come up with something pretty cool.

On the surface, the solution allows the customer to manage and track documents throughout the loan lifecycle. But beyond that, the loan document tracking solution offers a suite of services that target operational efficiency and data accuracy.

One notable service focuses on document compliance. The solution has a customizable interface that clearly and accurately shows compliant and non-compliant loans using documents from existing OnBase solutions.

Most importantly, if a loan is non-compliant, the solution uses intelligent automation to inform loan officers exactly what documents are missing or are out of order. Loan officers can easily view reports and customize them to fit the organization’s needs.

We also like to pay attention to details. During the requirements-gathering sessions for this new solution, several institutions voiced the need for a reminder system. The system would be responsible for handling expiring or late documents, which are prevalent when organizations must gather information annually for each loan. Adding this feature allows for confidence in the compliance and accuracy of each loan package throughout the important moments of each loan’s life.

Another key aspect of loan tracking is checklists. Each institution had various ways of creating checklists for managing loans. Some used paper and others developed custom applications.

Now, with loan document tracking, disparate checklists and document tracking applications are combined into one. This allows customers to manage both checklist and document compliance in a single location.

Meanwhile, the solution tracks documents from the moment OnBase captures a loan application to provide visibility to lenders of prospective loans. With increased visibility, you are able to plan better for the future.

The result

The story doesn’t end there. Through customer feedback, we will proactively add enhancements to the solution during future implementations.

And all that, just from spending some time off the show floor, away from the phone and in the customer’s environment. Sometimes getting a firsthand look at what our customers need to succeed can make all the difference.

But rest assured, the search for solutions will continue. We hope you’ll join us on our quest.

Tate Cherny is a business consultant with Hyland Services.
Tate Cherny

Tate Cherny

Tate Cherny is a business consultant with Hyland Services.

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