CUNA Tech takeway: The importance of building close relationships with our members

As I sit in my plane, headed home, I can’t help but reflect on the many interactions I experienced at CUNA Tech 2019.

From the opening ceremony to the keynote speeches to the always innovative and entertaining speed-round presentations – and everything in between – the CUNA Technology Council Conference provided both great expertise and practical guidance for all attendees to take back to their respective organizations and digest.

Putting people first

My big takeaway from the show? A credit union’s success continues to, and will always rely upon, people. Credit union professionals must find ways to create stronger relationships with members. That starts with trust, which is no secret. And trust begins by getting to know one another. Who you are, how you operate and how you define comfort.

Here’s the catch. As the industry begins to move faster and credit unions become more nimble, getting to know one another needs to happen fast. Skipping unnecessary, non-value added steps during this phase provides both parties with a bit of comfort, especially to your members.

How can we do this? How can we get to a place where we know which member we are about to speak with and what they want to discuss – before even picking up the phone? How do we quickly access this information – in seconds – so that we know we’re providing the very best service and instilling the most confidence in our members?


By ensuring our digital strategy is in order and that it focuses on the basic needs of our members. And it starts by remembering that our members want to know we know who they are – personally – and that their comfort level is our No. 1 priority.

Keeping people first

Start with technology. A content services platform that integrates seamlessly with core credit union systems and applications allows your employees to get a complete view of the member from the time they pick up the phone or greet them at the teller window. Whether they are receiving calls, emails or texts, they can view the request and any historical information the credit union may have in real time and in one view.

This is what instills confidence in members and provides them with comfort. And we haven’t even begun to discuss the power behind an integrated platform as it relates to updating information or routing information to the appropriate parties.

We will save that for another time.

Bryan Boynar has expertise in the financial services and insurance fields and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Bryan Boynar

Bryan Boynar

Bryan Boynar has expertise in the financial services and insurance fields and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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