How the right integration – and workflow solution – can make your life so much easier

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of vendors out there. Everything from origination systems, AP processing systems, fraud systems … The list goes on and on.

I found more than 120 vendors after one online search – and just for credit unions! There are so many options, there are now vendors to help you sort through vendors.

It’s easy to see why so many organizations are going through vendor fatigue. And users? Their frustration grows with each new program brought in to solve problems, to say nothing of the added cost to train so many users on those systems.

Making it simpler

How can we make it simpler?

Or maybe the better question is, how can we make this simpler for the employees who have to facilitate business in so many systems? Isn’t there a way we can help them spend less time in fewer systems? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a hotkey someone could press and the information they need just pops up?

Think about how simple it would be if you were in your core and you just pressed a button on your keyboard causing the signature card to pop up. Or maybe just the signature portion of the card.

Wouldn’t that make life better for your customers, too? How about a member who wants to apply for a new loan? One single keystroke could return all of the documents from deposit accounts and other loans to your employee, enabling quicker decisions.

It’s possible.

Connecting systems to people

The world is marching toward on-demand information. Easy access to system-critical data will be the key that makes business happen – enabling you to move faster than your competitors.

Create that key by seamlessly integrating your core solution with a robust content services solution.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s imperative that your systems easily communicate. A lack of communication slows things down. Slow communication frustrates employees and hampers business.

Connecting those systems remedies all of that.

Content services also allows for the implementation of workflow. Workflow automates processes and the routing of documents, empowering your organization to work faster and more efficiently. Since documents are also easily accessible in a central database, there’s no more searching for them.

With information at their fingertips, employees focus on organizational goals.

Making your work flow

The right workflow solution should be simple to configure and easily integrate with your existing systems – including your core banking, loan origination and other critical line-of-business systems. This gives the technologies you rely on every day the ability to communicate seamlessly with one another. You should also make sure your workflow solution integrates without custom coding, so when you’re ready, you can easily expand it on your own.

Truly, we’re only scratching the surface here.

Connecting your systems, people and processes helps you move quickly and accurately without misplacing documents, spending too much time searching for information or toggling between multiple systems. That gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, because your employees are empowered to focus on customers and members.

And that’s the most important connection of all.

Marc Brown

Marc Brown

Marc Brown is a financial services business consultant for Hyland. His goal is to drive the financial industry to peak performance by reducing fraud and waste while improving customer service.

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