Change is inevitable – 3 ways to tackle it head-on


Last fall, I shared how I cope with the end of summer. Like many, I am not a big fan of change. This autumn, the transitions in my life seem as taxing as those of the current NFL Commissioner.

But as John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life.”

Whether you like change or not, here are three tips to help you not only cope with it, but to take it head-on and help your financial services organization come out a winner this fall. Just like the Cleveland Browns! (I’m not sure if I’m kidding yet. Ask me in a few weeks.)

1. Sharpen your expertise

Consumers are increasingly relying on smartphones, tablets and laptops for their money management needs. To stay competitive you need to stay current with the latest trends around mobile banking and technology.

The best way to do so is to seek out financial services thought leaders. You can easily gain insights from whitepapers written by industry experts such as Cornerstone Advisors. Also think about attending webinars or conferences, such as the ICBA Community Banking LIVE.

2. Look internally for opportunities to improve

As you gain expertise, focus on what you can control. Financial services organizations have been imaging documents for decades. However, many of them only do so to capture information electronically. That means they lose out on the chance to optimize the processes that surround that electronic documentation. A key aspect here is the increased efficiencies that workflow can bring.

Workflow automatically routes loans through appropriate approvals to keep costs low and service high. This way, employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do, rather than spending time working in manual processes and chasing paper files. Workflow not only boosts productivity, it also helps you process more loans with fewer resources.

3. Find the right partner to find the right solution

If the change your organization is embracing requires a new technology partner, then you’ll need to do your homework. Take a look at vendor-neutral document management thought leaders for help. In addition to reaching out to your peers for insights, I recommend analyst research firms such as Gartner, Forrester Research and Cornerstone Advisors to help narrow your list.

Whether it’s a document management solution, core banking platform or a loan origination system, look for a vendor that has extensive expertise in financial services processes so they’ll know the best practices, tips and tricks to make your solution work best.

Keep in mind how the solution will grow and evolve with you. It should have the ability to easily integrate with any existing or new technology that your organization implements. It should also be designed for change and easy alteration by IT so that it meets your needs right now and over the next five to 10 years.

You know, because there is only one constant…CHANGE!


Michelle has expertise in the financial services industry and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Michelle Harbinak Shapiro

Michelle Harbinak Shapiro

Michelle has expertise in the financial services industry and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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