HIMSS interview: The future of Australian medicine


Recently, Peter Weston, manager of healthcare sales in the Asia-Pacific region for Hyland, sat down with Bruce Steinberg, EVP of HIMSS International, to chat about Australian healthcare and how to improve it.

So, what is the future of Australian healthcare? Managing unstructured healthcare data – the data that’s not in the electronic medical record.

Connecting systems, connecting care

The future is all about interoperability between existing systems, as well as ensuring any new solutions or systems have the ability to connect with those existing systems. The key to it all is vendor neutral solutions that can plug into existing systems and share data to maximize value.

Another key discussion centers around My Health Record – as 90 percent of Australians now use it. Many major healthcare providers are publishing results and many hospitals are now coming on board.

However, 80 percent of healthcare data is not in the EMR, so you need help managing it – in a vendor-neutral way.

The goal is to provide better, more proactive care – whether that’s at hospitals or, increasingly, the home environment via tele-medicine, homecare, and home wellness. People would rather stay home than visit a hospital, so the future of medicine is in assisting patients remotely.

And access to data is the key.

“I would also like to see My Health Record be image enabled,” said Weston. “The technology is there. We could leverage existing archives and siloed information and bring it to patients and clinicians wherever they are.”

So, are you ready to connect with the future?

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