You don’t need a crystal ball to understand the importance of scalability

When purchasing enterprise software – like enterprise content management (ECM) – there is one word that people often overlook: ­scalability. The problem is that the word scalability is all about the future.

Enterprise software  purchases are often complex and involve many stakeholders, so it can be difficult enough to wrap your arms around your immediate needs. But trying to comprehend what will be important in the future of the solution can feel downright overwhelming. Don’t go looking for a crystal ball quite yet though, because there are a couple of straight-forward scalability concepts which are very easy to grasp.

1. Don’t ask IF, ask HOW

Instead of trying to comprehend IF you may want to expand the solution to other departments and an unforeseen number of users, assume you will and instead ask HOW. This is extremely liberating because now you can focus on the key points you need to know.

Some questions are: How easy will it be to do this? Can we expand upon the initial implementation without re-architecting the solution? What are the upper thresholds of usage and connected users?

Below, Bill Filion, VP of development at Hyland, creator of OnBase, describes the value of ensuring your solution is scalable.

2. Think positive

You are making this investment to transform a particular process, department or even your whole organization. Take a few moments to envision what life will be like once you’ve achieved your goal. If this is a total success, could more users benefit from it? If so, how many? Tens, hundreds, thousands?

Once you are “there,” what will the next level of success look like? Do you your users need to have mobile access while out in the field? Do you need to connect offices located on different continents? A truly scalable enterprise solution should be able to handle all of these.

Envisioning total project success might seem daunting, however it really shouldn’t be. You should expect it.

In the video below, Richard Anter, territory manager of the Middle East at Hyland, explains how OnBase has always been designed with scalability in mind. He also talks about an organization that is taking its solution to unexpected places.

Ok, so perhaps a little future gazing is involved in appreciating your upcoming needs, but there’s nothing mystical about why scalability is so important to consider on day one.

To learn more about ECM and OnBase from the people who use it every day, visit the stories section of our website.

Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson is Director, Global Technology Evangelist at Hyland. With 20 years working in the IT industry, he’s collected several certifications over the years as a VMware Certified Professional, Citrix... read more about: Glenn Gibson