Why you should embrace disruptive technologies

Disruption. You don’t have to love it, but can you welcome it? embracing disruptive technology

Your first answer is probably a resounding “no.” But if you’ve ever been in the middle of a monotonous workday or struggling through an awkward conversation, you likely would have welcomed any disturbance that came your way.

Now apply that experience to the changing tech landscape.

According to IT futurist Thornton May, the ability to embrace disruption can mean the difference between business success and failure, especially when it comes to emerging technology.

During his keynote address at AIIM14, May focused on the future. His prediction? Four disruptive technologies, which he coined the “SMAC Stack” (Social, Mobile, Analytics/Big Data and the Cloud), will largely define our technological landscape in the years to come.

These technologies have already started to shift the status quo – from customers using social media to publicly voice complaints and request service, to employees demanding the ability to work from mobile devices, to organizations implementing case management and other business solutions entirely in the cloud.

So how can we keep up in a technological world that is constantly changing?

The key, according to May, is to embrace distributive technologies. While the future may be unclear, we can forecast and prepare for change. Our ability to look beyond the present, welcome change and master the “SMAC Stack” is key to business success, May explained. Organizations that do so will thrive among the chaos, while those that cling to the past will ultimately fail.

But learning how to individually embrace disruption is just the start. The next step is to drive change and get buy-in from your peers. If you need help, check out Guy Kawasaki’s top 10 ways to drive technology changes in your organization.

As many people and organizations have proved throughout history, fighting against disruptive changes that others will use for a competitive advantage isn’t a winning strategy.

Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

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