Why performance matters

It’s funny, one of the most memorable cautionary phrases that pops into my head when I’m thinking about how to describe the power of Hyland’s content services solutions came from a publishing software vendor describing its product back in 2005 or thereabouts.

It’s so extensible.

It’s true, extensible sounds like a good thing, and it is; it basically means possibilities are nearly endless.

So why do I use the word ‘cautionary’ to describe this phrase? Let me share the experience that made me think about this in a different way.

Extensibility without context is just a noun with an X

I was working as a technical writer for Hyland in R&D at the time, and we were exploring different tools to help us effectively manage the enormous volumes of documentation that accompany our software releases.

We were looking to work smarter and more effectively “single-source” our work. The goal was to write about enhancements and feature functionality in a manner that would allow us to share it in a wide variety of digital deliverables. A single source of truth to power assets that met a wide variety of needs.

So, hearing that this product was extensible, or highly flexible to conform to our needs, was fantastic. But during the discovery process, the vendor was never able to show us how to configure it to meet our unique workflow needs.

So we wound up going another route and ultimately configured a highly automated solution that met our exact needs.

Rapidly evolving digital capabilities mean we are operating in hybrid information management realities

Fast-forward to 2019, where I’m now writing about industry-specific solutions and customer information management journeys.

In our increasingly digitally driven world, industries are incorporating automated, paperless and increasingly intelligent processes in every corner of their organizations at an unprecedented pace. Many organizations also manage multiple on-premises and cloud-hosted content repositories, often due to acquisitions or mergers, and must find avenues for interoperability with integrations to line-of-business systems.

Extensibility in technology solutions is key. So is understanding how best to approach solution delivery for optimal interoperability. This requires an understanding of where the business process — and the organization as a whole — stands in terms of digital transformation.

Understanding the current state of how your technology supports digitally-driven business processes enables you to see where there are gaps and opportunities for quick-wins and optimized user experiences.

That includes instant access to the information your users need from wherever in the world they are. Jim Dimmick, one of Hyland’s principal performance consultants, had this to say:

“Our task is to understand what the customer needs. What are their objectives and goals? We are going to provide recommendations that clearly articulate their current state, options for moving forward, and how those different options influence performance.”

Performance assessments illuminate your technology landscape

Periodically assessing your technology environment for performance enables you to understand how your solutions are meeting the needs of users and meeting business goals as your solutions evolve and extend into other areas of your organization. Every solution platform is different. Every organization has its unique goals for solution delivery and performance.

This is why we created a performance assessment service to fast-track analysis of your solutions, specific to meeting your organization’s goals with technology solutions that best serve your people.

Why does performance matter? The results speak for themselves

Recently, Coke One North America (CONA) engaged Hyland’s performance assessment services to ensure its rapidly growing solution sets were optimally tuned for performance, enabling the organization to scale quickly and cost-effectively.

CONA went from providing services to two bottlers — processing five million records per year — to 12 bottlers and processing five million records every month.

Hyland’s performance assessment services are a quick, efficient way to gain strategic information and get the most out of your technology

This service is ideal when you see different performance results across clients, or are looking to validate solution health. It is also useful if you are looking for solution-specific performance recommendations or need to meet service level agreements (SLAs).

Additionally, there are other strategic times to engage this proven, tactical service.

5 optimal times for a performance assessment

With a performance assessment, our consultants evaluate how layers of technology work together—including infrastructure, database, and solution configurations—to yield high performing solutions. They provide a snapshot of resource utilization across these layers and will recommend solution-specific settings to improve performance and stability.

Here are five great times to engage us:

  1. At the onset of implementing your solution; provides validation that the methods you are incorporating sufficiently equip your enterprise for performance, including high availability, disaster recovery and general functionality for current and future capacity requirements
  2. When you are about to embark on expanding your existing implementation in terms of scale and/or functionality
  3. A conversion effort from another system to a Hyland platform is scheduled or underway, and potentially will impact solution load
  4. You are experiencing performance issues that Technical Support has determined are not a result of configuration or software components
  5. Every other year for the purpose of a solution health check or prior to upgrades

The service can also include recommendations for proper database maintenance.

It’s about more than software

The reality is, when there are so many possibilities for implementation, integration and user experience, you want to be certain that you are using the right methods to make sure your technology is performing optimally for your users, especially as your solutions mature and expand.

Understanding how to best leverage content services solutions to meet the needs of those you serve is easier and more effective when you have a clear view into how technology, people and processes work together.

It’s even better when you have a partner in industry-specific data-driven solutions who can help guide the way.

As a Content Strategist for Hyland's Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has earned several industry certifications along the way—including Microsoft Certified Professional—and has spent time in Solution, Product and Global Services Marketing. Having the opportunity to experience the technical, user-based, enterprise-class and industry-specific areas of Hyland's solutions and services gives Sarah unique insight into the true impact Hyland has on the world. An avid reader and outdoors enthusiast, Sarah enjoys spending time exploring with her Golden-doodle dog Leo and writing about the impactful, inspirational human stories that accompany technology in our evolving, data-driven world.
Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

As a Content Strategist for Hyland’s Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has... read more about: Sarah Stoner