Why Hyland and ReadSoft are a natural fit for employees, stakeholders and the ECM industry


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Hyland, creator of OnBase’s bid to acquire Sweden-headquartered ReadSoft is an exciting development, not only for the two companies, but for the enterprise content management (ECM) industry as a whole.   ReadSoft and Hyland are a perfect match and the combined company will be unmatched in our ability to help customers transform their organizations by harnessing their information and automating their business processes.

Over the years I have enjoyed very positive interactions with ReadSoft as the two companies collaborated on product integrations and joint proposals to customers.  I find the people of ReadSoft to be very much like Hylanders – highly competent, passionate about what they do, and a genuine pleasure to work with.

I strongly believe Hyland is an ideal home for the employees of ReadSoft.  Here are some of my reasons:

  1. Like ReadSoft, Hyland is a software company with a culture built to attract, retain and inspire software technologists.
  2. With more than 1,700 employees, Hyland is similarly sized to ReadSoft.  The ReadSoft team would find the Hyland environment to be a very familiar and comfortable.
  3. ReadSoft’s business in Europe is a good deal larger than that of Hyland, as we have yet to acquire a European-based company.  In addition to wanting to grow ReadSoft’s global business and presence, we envision ReadSoft as the core of Hyland’s entire operation across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  4. Because of the aforementioned points, Hyland would offer ReadSoft employees the opportunity to have a real impact on the combined company, as opposed to being a small piece of a much larger organization.
  5. Hyland is widely known for its employee-focused programs, recognized as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014.

There are additional factors all ReadSoft stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers and resellers) should find compelling:

  • Both companies’ products are considered true “enterprise-class” applications, making them a great fit for one another’s customers, especially those needing sophisticated integrations with their ERP platforms.
  • Both companies are committed to the channel, each spending more than 20 years building global partner networks.  Once again in 2014, Hyland was named a Best Channel Vendor for enterprise content management (ECM) software by Business Solutions Magazine.
  • Hyland is a dynamic, innovative and fast-growing business.  And though we are evolving rapidly, we are not a company trying to undertake a dramatic transition into a new industry sector.
  • Hyland generates healthy profit margins and is not embarking on a drastic margin improvement plan.
  • Hyland is a private company.  Not having to deal with public company pressures enables us to take a long-term view when deciding the best course of action for our company and all of its stakeholders.

All of this contributes to Hyland being a great place to work  as well as a great company to do business with.  And it makes Hyland a place where the people of ReadSoft would feel welcomed and have the opportunity to flourish.


Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer is president and chief executive officer of Hyland. Bill joined the company in 1997 as vice president of Marketing. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales &... read more about: Bill Priemer