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There is no describing how excited I was to attend CommunityLIVE for the first time this year. With only a handful of days between me and the biggest OnBase event of the year, I wondered if I was prepared.

Was I ready to meet with my customers? Did I pack the right gear? How the heck was I going to navigate the show?

The last one caused me the most anxiety. I’ve worked enough conferences and trade shows to know that anyone can get turned around in a hurry if they don’t know the venue like the back of their hand. So what was I supposed to do? It was, after all, my first time at both the venue and the event.

Making matters more complicated was that I would have to be sure to point people in the right direction when they needed help finding their way. What about the sessions? How do I keep track of the classes I want to sit in on or the speakers I want to listen to?

Putting answers in the palm of user’s hands

Thankfully, there was a mobile app, and I don’t mean asking Siri every time I needed a little guidance. I’m talking about the OnBase Events App that kept me on track and ready to run full-speed ahead at CommunityLIVE. Not only did it list the schedule for each day and the map of the venue, but you could customize your days right in the app, see other attendees that registered and posted profiles to network, and even get the latest on CommunityFit, this year’s new program to keep attendees active while at the conference.

What a great way to enhance the experience of our customers for the event, right?

So why not apply that same mentality to enhancing the experience of your own teams? There’s a lot of value in prioritizing not just the experience of your customer, but the experience of your end users with how they access important information.

That’s why you should keep pace with technology and put the power of information in their hands – wherever they are located.

People are now consuming more media on mobile devices than a desktop device, according to Smart Insights. Additionally, 80 percent of all internet users own a smartphone, many of which also own a tablet, smartwatch, or other connected device. In fact, 92 percent of all American adults own a mobile phone of some kind, 68 percent own a smartphone, and 45 percent own a tablet, according to Pew.

We value what our customers say. And what they want. So we’re paying attention to this research and continuing to focus on user experience to deliver our industry leading platform out of the office and directly into the hands of our customers, your end users. OnBase Mobile Content Management allows them to instantly retrieve information and data, enact business process decisions such as document approval, receive notifications and view status dashboards of the processes most important to them.

Making informed decisions and keeping processes moving on-the-go

With the ability to capture and ingest photos into a database, users can also complete and sign forms via a touch screen, making decisions on the go and taking control of content management. We take access a step further, providing access to those who need it.

“Mobile is at the core of everything we’re doing. If we can’t make a story work on a 4-inch by 2-inch screen, then it doesn’t work and it doesn’t go further,” said Wendy Clark, President of Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing for Coca-Cola North America during an interview with Google.

That’s how important Coca-Cola’s mobile strategy was in reaching customers. You can apply that same idea to users in your organization.

Users can take documents like contracts, process documentation, and employee handbooks on an iPad to read when they have the time, without relying on an internet or network connection. When needed, you can give field workers access to all the information they need, without any connection back to the office.

Users create, retrieve and update documents, complete forms and upload photos. Once online, OnBase automatically synchronizes and reconciles all changes so information is up-to-date. All of this is on the “4-inch by 2-inch” or similar screen that makes Clark’s message so powerful.

Don’t just take our word for it. Whether you are a non-profit looking to improve the health of mothers and their children or a county government looking to improve turnaround times for public requests, OnBase Mobile Content Management puts the power of the our enterprise information platform in the hands of your workers – wherever they are.

Going mobile means more than social media, it means taking the workplace to where the work is and keeping your team on time and on task. With applications designed for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows, we can help you connect to almost any device in any location at any time. So make mobile a reality and unleash the full potential of your organization.

* This blog post was originally published on Pulse.

Joe Russo

Joe Russo

Joe Russo is a strategic account manager at Hyland. Currently, Joe also writes for Factory of Sadness, a Cleveland sports website operated by Fansided, and The OnBase and Hyland Blogs.... read more about: Joe Russo