Why go mobile? Work where your work is!

An employee uses secure mobile content management solutions to work on his cellphone and laptop while he's on-the-go.

As consumers, we expect to be able to do most anything from our mobile devices, from shopping and ordering food to scheduling a doctor’s appointment and submitting an insurance claim.

More organizations are seeing the value of applying that same mentality to their internal business operations, prioritizing both the customer experience and the employee experience with how they access important information.

The relationship between workplace technology and employee retention

Many companies have reevaluated and reinvested in their tools and technologies with the increase in remote work. However, recent research found nine in 10 employees reported frustration with their workplace technology, which was driving some to consider leaving their job.

One way to help ease those frustrations? Put the power of information in their hands — wherever they are located — with a mobile content management solution.

What is mobile content management?

Mobile content management is a software that can provide secure end-to-end management of corporate content through a mobile device.

How is mobile content management used?

Mobile content management is used to share and send files and content from authorized applications on employees’ mobile devices. It contributes to productivity and aligns with the work-anywhere nature of today’s business environment.

Mobile content management is most effective when it’s used as an add-on feature to an existing content services or enterprise content management solution and other enterprise platforms, rather than being used as a separate system.

Mobile content management technology is particularly vital to employees who work in the field, such as insurance adjusters, healthcare workers or public works employees.

What are the features of mobile content management?

Key mobile content management features include the ability to:

  • Capture photos, forms and signatures and upload attachments
  • Instantly retrieve information and data
  • Enact business process decisions, such as document approval, leveraging automated workflows
  • Receive notifications
  • Work securely
  • View customized status dashboards

What are some benefits of mobile content management?

While the benefits of a mobile content management solution are plentiful, a few examples include:

  • Helps ensure the complete and accurate collection of data and content
  • Increases access and visibility to business-critical information
  • Enables quicker decision-making and process completion
  • Enhances the employee experience by making it easier to do their jobs
  • Provides flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Contributes to business continuity

Use cases for mobile content management

There’s a wide range of use cases for mobile content management. Let’s look at two industry examples.

Mobile content management in healthcare

See how healthcare organizations have used mobile content management to improve the patient and clinician experience in our blog post, “4 examples of mobile content management success in healthcare.” From expediting registration to cutting paper and toner expenses to capturing information on the go and getting the necessary signatures, explore the ROI these healthcare organizations achieved with a mobile content management solution.

Mobile content management in government

Mobile content management can help government agencies better engage with citizens by allowing quick, secure access to real-time information with features such as access control rules, encrypted keywords and digital signatures.

Ready access to important documents and electronic forms in the field can enable agencies to automate processes to keep tasks moving. This alleviates the burden — and delay — of relying on field staff to have the required paper forms or documents and allows employees to provide faster service from any location.

Meet business and employee expectations with mobile content management

Keep your team engaged, on time and on task. With compatibility with iPhone, iPad and Android, Hyland can help you connect to almost any device in any location at any time.

Ciara Simiele is an experienced writer who has covered a variety of topics and industries, including B2B, technology, higher education, nonprofit and more.
Ciara Simiele

Ciara Simiele

Ciara Simiele is an experienced writer who has covered a variety of topics and industries, including B2B, technology, higher education, nonprofit and more.

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