Why ‘Been There, Done That’ Is So Important, Even If You’re New to ECM

Logo that says "The 2011 OnBase Training and Technology Conference, September 11-16, Las Vegas"This is my first visit to Las Vegas. It’s also my first OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC), Hyland Software’s annual gathering of OnBase users, partners and software experts. I readily admit it’s all taken some getting used to.

The city is like an overgrown amusement park. And there’s so much to learn at OTTC, it’s enough to make a person wonder where to begin. Thankfully, I can lean on friends who can act as a guide. Check out the latest trends in mobile technology, find out what’s new in automated indexing, don’t ride the roller coaster at New York, New York.

“It’s ‘been there, done that’ knowledge, and it is invaluable,” explains Erin Kupcak, Hyland director of conference and events.

As I check out the week’s classes, I realize how great Kupcak’s advice is. Better than anyone could get from a conference agenda.

“We’re all part of a greater community of enterprise content management users,” she says. “The most important thing we can do at OTTC is connect with industry peers and share our challenges and solutions. Whatever ECM problem we think is unique to us, someone else has already faced it and conquered it. Now it’s on us to learn from them.”

It’s that knowledge Kupcak hopes everyone brings to the conference floor.

And it’s that “been there, done that” perspective I want to share with you, whether you’re an OnBase user, new to the concept of enterprise content management, or someone simply searching for a solution to a business problem.

Throughout the week, I’ll attend classes, interview customers and talk with Hyland experts about the latest trends in ECM, our industries, Hyland Software and so much more.

Then, after I’ve been there, done that, I’ll turn around and tell you all about it.

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Tom Tennant has expertise in content creation and content services and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant has expertise in content creation and content services and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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