When in Rome – I’ll talk about cloud security


In November, the city of Rome will host the Cloud Security Alliance European Congress and it really does seem an appropriate place to talk about cloud security. Back in the days of the gladiators dueling it out in the Colosseum, security was all about making sure you didn’t lose a limb, or in the worst case, your head. Nowadays, the conversation has moved from the best physical shield to the best virtual (or network) one.

The event will host some of the best cloud-brains on the globe, let alone Europe. It brings these experts together to discuss the latest and greatest cloud developments as well as the best real-world examples of how the cloud really has made a difference to organizations.

It is in the second of these categories that I have the pleasure of speaking at the conference this year, describing the project currently underway at Bletchley Park. Without giving too much away – I don’t want to spoil it for those who are going now, do I? – Vicky Worpole from Bletchley and I will make the move from the spies of World War II, through some green huts (yes, really!), to modern-day cloud computing and eventually end up in Hollywood.

If that sounds like an awful lot for a 30 minute presentation – it is! But the Bletchley Park story is a big one, and becoming bigger with the digitization of its archive into OnBase by Hyland, followed by the eventual linking and publishing of this content via the Bletchley Park website. As the project progresses, people will gain access to the wonders of the historical artifacts and information housed at Bletchley. I’m proud that the OnBase Cloud is an important part of this ongoing story.

Personally, I look forward to standing side-by-side with Bletchley Park in Rome to share some of our experiences – without the need for a spear and a shield as security.

For more information on the Bletchley Park OnBase project, click here. Or, if you would like to see the Hollywood spin on Bletchley Park, click here.

See you in Rome!

David Jones

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