Welcoming Hyland’s 10,000th Customer

This morning, employees were introduced to Hyland Software’s 10,000th customer, Glen Raven, a global leader in performance fabrics, headquartered in Glen Raven, N.C. We celebrated with applause, a cascade of balloons, the energizing rhythm of a drum line from local high school, St. Martin de Porres, and a visit from Rick Cartner, executive accountant with Glen Raven, and Jim Wanner, president of authorized OnBase value-added reseller KeyMark, who helped us mark the milestone.

Ten thousand. Wow.

For Hyland Software, 10,000 is a pretty big number. Today, it represents the number of customers we’ve had the good fortune to serve since we signed our first client in 1991.

And though there are other vendors that tout dance cards with bigger figures, there aren’t many that can boast the same retention rate Hyland does.

One of the biggest reasons why is because our employees are great listeners. Customers often tell me how pleased they are with the way Hyland offers counsel, and how our folks take personal interest in what our clients do, how and why they do it, and what their business process challenges are. Then we address those issues in a smart, strategic way.

It may be one of the key reasons why Hyland is recognized as a leader in our market.

I’m reminded of this every Monday morning when all 1,100+ employees gather together and I read a letter from one of our customers.

Each letter is different, but there are themes that echo in every one them.

They start with a bit of persuasion, suggesting it would be wise to single out one of our employees for going above and beyond expectation. Then they launch into their “yikes” moment, when they realized they needed help with thinking through a business process and they weren’t sure where to turn.

Next comes “the surprise.” A customer reaches out and discovers there’s someone smart and knowledgeable on the other end of the line. Someone a world away who will stay up half the night and never give any indication she is tired or ready to hang up. Or someone who will book a flight the same day and see a solution through to completion, even if he has to spend the better part of a week away from home.

Finally, the letter says thank you, for helping out. And for acting less like a vendor and more like who we are – our customers’ reliable business partner.

For me, that’s proof our customers know we put them first. And, so is this milestone, this moment when we top 10,000.

AJ Hyland

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