Updating Hyland solutions for a new world of business

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2020 has changed the world. It’s undeniable. And among those changes is the way most of us do work and do business.

From remote workforces to restricted travel, we are all looking for ways to stay connected and get things done just as efficiently – if not more so – than in the past. Even if we can’t meet with our coworkers and customers in person.

That’s why the technology we rely on to do business can’t just be trying to keep up, but should be preparing our organizations for any curveballs that may come our way. And that’s exactly what we at Hyland had in mind with our most recent Foundation solution updates.

From empowering remote workforces to improving the user experience and unlocking additional value for your Hyland solutions, these releases give your organization the tools you need to evolve as your business needs change.

And, after all, if we have learned one thing this year, it’s that change is a constant.

Enhancing your solutions

The following is a high-level look at some of the (many!) enhancements launching this quarter to help our customers thrive in this new world.

Empowering remote and traveling workforces with mobile enhancements.

  • We created a modernized mobile experience for customers who need to access OnBase from their mobile devices through our next-generation OnBase Mobile offering – with support for both Android and iOS
  • We also added the ability to capture public comments during remote meetings via the agenda management suite

Improvements to the user experience.

  • To take the look and feel to the next level, we added enhancements across our modernized user interfaces, including the extended capability to interact with documents, make annotations and view notes
  • We expanded language support within several product areas for our international customers
  • To enable administrators to more easily build, configure and adapt solutions, we improved the creation of test environments

Augmented key content services capabilities.

  • We boosted intelligent capture capabilities with the ability to digitize challenging handwritten inputs
  • We also streamlined the user experience for customers utilizing our customer communications management solution by enabling single-sign-on (SSO) for both on-premises and cloud deployments

Simplified access to additional platform value.

  • The enhancements we made to the OnBase upgrade process provide a more efficient and automated experience, making it easier and faster to access new technologies and improve your existing solutions

Get ahead, stay ahead

The business world has always been an evolving landscape. But that has picked up pace in 2020.

That’s why we’re working hard to help you stay ahead of the curve. And the curveballs.

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John Phelan

John Phelan

Describing himself as “not your typical VP,” John Phelan is executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland. He joined the organization in March of 1999 as a quality... read more about: John Phelan