“These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” About OnBase 17!

We release a major version of OnBase every year. And every year, we host a party at Hyland headquarters to celebrate the hard work our team has put into the latest release. I’m always amazed by the way our team comes together to make the latest release our best yet. Today is release party day, so for the occasion, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things about OnBase 17.

With OnBase 17, we’ve made improvements to every area of the product, bringing additional benefits to every customer and every industry we serve. We’ve incorporated 9,000 changes and 3,500 customer-driven enhancements, the result of more than 1.3 million hours of research and development. This attention to detail and commitment to innovation are key reasons OnBase has become the world’s most powerful, versatile and intuitive enterprise information platform.

At the same time, the sheer number of new features and enhancements can be staggering. Where do you start? For our customers, partners and employees, you start with the OnBase 17 Community. With dozens of short videos highlighting new products and features, sortable by product category and business value, it’s a great place to dig into the details. And of course, CommunityLIVE is an excellent forum for learning about OnBase 17. Taking place in Las Vegas, Sept. 17 to 21, our annual user conference is a great place to connect face-to-face with peers who are doing amazing things with the platform.

I encourage you to take advantage of these resources to learn about all that OnBase 17 has to offer. But to get the ball rolling, here are MY favorite things about the new release.

Looks Good, Feels Good

Longtime OnBase users including ourselves at Hyland may not be surprised to hear this, but I’ll be the first to admit: the aesthetics of the user interface (UI) have not always been our top priority. Yes, we’ve always insisted that the software be intuitive to use. But, in the past, you probably wouldn’t hear many users describe the UI as “pretty.”

As we added more features and functionality over time, the options continued to grow, and the menus got bigger. We reached a point where we knew we needed to step back and simplify the UI. We needed to rethink the navigation, put the focus on the aspects of our product that are most important to users, and, ideally, reduce or eliminate the need for training.

With OnBase 17, we’ve totally refreshed the UI across our Web and Unity clients. As soon as you log in, you can’t help but notice that we’ve modernized the design and improved navigation. We’ve introduced flat iconography and a modern color scheme. We’ve added a “hamburger” menu to enable one-click navigation in our Web client. We’ve redesigned our document viewers to reduce the memory footprint for faster image loading. Throughout the platform, the changes we’ve made to the UI aim to improve the experience for anyone using the platform. I’m thrilled that the look and feel of OnBase more closely reflect the elegance of the underlying code.

Committed to Configurability

Configurability has always been a priority. It’s one of Hyland’s core values: “We deliver configurable business solutions that are intuitive to use.” We’ve never wavered on this. By making our software highly configurable, we make it highly flexible, adaptable and scalable. That’s one reason people love OnBase: it empowers users to do amazing things, without the need for custom development.

You see this commitment to configurability throughout OnBase 17. Take our Unity Forms. We’ve enhanced our configuration tool to speed the creation of new forms, expand layout and formatting options, and simplify the management of large forms libraries. Similarly, we’ve updated our customer communication management (CCM) tools to expedite the creation and management of document templates. In the area of BPM, we’ve added parallel processing functionality right out of the box, satisfying a business need that formerly required custom development. For those developing case management applications, we’ve added wizards for creating and modifying Filters to call attention to oft-forgotten configuration items.

That’s just a sampling. From capture to case management, we’ve improved configurability across the platform. It’s about empowering administrators to tailor their solutions to the needs of their business — making it easier to do amazing things with OnBase.

Plays Well with Others

Another area where we’re redoubling our efforts with OnBase 17: integrations and interoperability. The ability of OnBase to integrate with any application is more important than ever. As the sources of business content continue to diversify and the consequences of IT sprawl grow even more dire, it’s critical that OnBase continues to serve as a secure hub for connecting disparate applications, breaking down silos of information and serving up content within the context of other applications.

It’s not just about integrating OnBase with line of business applications. It’s about connecting OnBase with other content applications, services and platforms. It’s about supporting interoperability and meeting new standards for compliance. We know that, for our customers, OnBase is just one element of an IT landscape that is growing more complex every day. To unify that landscape, OnBase must support whatever technology works best for our customers.

With OnBase 17, we’ve invested a ton of time and effort into ensuring the platform continues to play well with others while maintaining content security. We’ve refined our integrations for mission-critical applications like Allscripts, AutoCAD, Duck Creek, Epic, ESRI, Guidewire and SAP. We’ve added more native functionality to our integration for DocuSign (which is just the type of content service we’ll be seeing more of in the future). We’ve aligned our clients with a new identity provider service (IdP) that supports ADFS, SAML, CAS and two-factor authentication.

With every enhancement, OnBase 17 delivers more usability, more configurability and more integration possibilities. More ways for customers to connect systems and reduce IT sprawl. More ways to improve productivity in every corner of the organization. I’m thrilled with the new release, and I hope you will be, too.

Considering an upgrade to OnBase 17? Reach out to your account manager. Want to learn more about OnBase 17? Contact us anytime.

Bill Priemer is president and chief executive officer of Hyland. Bill joined the company in 1997 as vice president of Marketing. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing in 2001, named Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and became the company’s CEO in January 2013.
Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer is president and chief executive officer of Hyland. Bill joined the company in 1997 as vice president of Marketing. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales &... read more about: Bill Priemer