The top 5 #AskCEOBill questions and answers

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Hyland, creator of OnBase, President and CEO, Bill Priemer for an hour-long social media chat hosted on our Facebook page. We gave our customers, partners, employees and the media the chance to ask Bill anything. From the daily challenges he faces to who he thinks will win the Super Bowl, nothing was off the table.

If you weren’t able to attend the event live, you’re in luck. Here are the top five Q&As from the #AskCEOBill chat:

1. Tracy W., Hyland customer: Our university recently moved all email to Google, and with that move there has been a big push for people to use Chrome as their default browsers. This obviously has caused challenge and confusion for our OnBase users on campus. Also, we’re seeing more and more people using Google Drive and Docs instead of Office products. What is your plan related to Chrome support for the Web client, OnBase/Gmail integration and OnBase/Google Drive integration?

Bill: Regarding Google Drive capabilities, we have created a number of integration points and have an active development team tasked with supporting and improving Google integration capabilities. For example, we’ve added the ability to promote documents from Drive into the OnBase repository, to leverage Google Drive as a viewer for both reading and editing office documents and then saving them back into OnBase.

Regarding Gmail, we have an integration that allows users to send documents out via their Gmail account.

Regarding Google Chrome support for the Web Client, we are actively looking into supporting the OnBase Web Client on this platform. Some functionality is already available through our DocPop integrations. So while the full Web Client is not available, if you have integrated into other systems or are simply presenting documents for viewing, we’ve provided some baseline functionality.

2. Robert J., Hyland customer: With the accelerated evolution of technology, how well do you see the over-50 demographic transitioning to become part of the OnBase community? Particularly, do you see your employment profile including them in the future? I didn’t see many during the two visits I’ve made to your campus. I love the environment. I’ve attended an All Hands meeting and even watched employees enjoy Halloween games. What an awesome place.

Bill: Well, seeing as I’m going to be 50 in 31 months (but who’s counting?), I believe Hyland is a great place for my demographic to work! Hyland is a place engineered to attract and retain talented, ambitious, collaborative professionals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

The more diverse we are as a company, the more we are like our customers, which is a great thing. With age, specifically, comes knowledge, experience, broader perspective and maturity, which are all extremely valuable attributes.

3. Niki L., Hyland employee: Do you ever read the poems that applicants are required to submit when applying to work at Hyland?

Bill: The honest answer is, only the humorous ones HR sends me. HR reads all of the poems and finds them very insightful. There’s an honesty in the poems that you might not always get in other parts of the application process.

4. Alexa M., Hyland employee: You’ve had a long career at Hyland, and I’m sure many memorable #HylandLife moments, but can you share a favorite?

Bill: I always remember my first talk to Hyland employees as CEO at the 2014 annual meeting and thinking what a privilege it was to lead such a fantastic group of people.

5. Wil C., prospective customer: What is Hyland’s roadmap for emerging technologies, functionality or integrations with other systems? What is the next “great idea” you want to boast about?

Bill: Technologies in which we are investing heavily include advanced capture, case management, mobile capabilities and our cloud infrastructure. We are also always looking to bolster our integrations with popular core line-of-business systems, and our integrations with Guidewire are an example of where we have developed integrations that are second-to-none.

One area we are intent on addressing is facilitating digital interactions among organizations. We’ve done a good job enabling an organization’s internal operations to become entirely digital and substantially automated, and now we are turning our attention to enabling streamlined interactions with that organization’s customers and business partners. Our strong market presence will assist us in this endeavor, as OnBase has already been adopted by hospitals and their highest-volume payors, state agencies and the county agencies they coordinate with on the delivery of services, insurance carriers and their re-insurance partners, universities and the community colleges that send them transfer students, and the list goes on and on.

Thanks to all who participated in the chat! Head over to our Facebook page to read the rest of the questions and answers.

Is there someone else at Hyland that you’d like to have the opportunity to ask anything? If so let us know in the comments section.

Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

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