The top 10 posts of 2018, feat. digital transformation

Hello and welcome to 2019!

A great way to begin a new year is to look back at the previous year to celebrate your accomplishments. It’s also an excellent way to identify ongoing trends that will increasingly affect both you and your organization this year.

Of the 179 blog posts we published on The OnBase Blog in 2018, one theme came up regularly: Digital transformation.

Whether your organization is just beginning its journey and getting paper out of processes, or you’re further down the road and researching the best ways to reduce IT sprawl and quickly roll out new business apps, mapping out your digital transformation strategy in advance is a must.

To be truly transformative, we have to improve the speed of business. Empower decision-making with access to real-time information. And make it simple to find the information people need, exactly when they need it.

All with the end goal of providing better service to customers and stakeholders.

Read on to see what your colleagues found most interesting last year. And how you can stay competitive this year.

The top 10

As you’ll see, we decided to expand the list to include blog posts from years prior. While it’s true we didn’t publish some of these posts this year, they were the ones you all found the most compelling.

Who are we to say no?

You’ll also notice that featured among the venerable top 10 list this year are many Hyland executives who are natural-born thought leaders and early adopters of technology, so it’s awesome to see their insights and advice.


1. How ECM became content services (and why you should care)

By Bill Priemer, president & CEO

At the top of the charts for the second year in a row, Bill Priemer details the evolution of the content services industry. From document management in 1991 to enterprise content management to content services today, he’s been at the innovative forefront of the industry. His historical take also looks forward into the future, providing a glimpse of how organizations thrive via their ability to manage content effectively.

“After all,” said Priemer, “the information contained within that content informs the decisions, impacts the service, and drives the business processes that determine success or failure in the marketplace.”

To learn more about this transformation, read Priemer’s post.

2. 3 keys to an effective collaboration tool in the digital transformation age

By Jaclyn Inglis, product marketing specialist

Digital transformation is not only changing how we work, notes Inglis, but also changing our expectations about how digital our work lives should be. And, with the increasing business need to connect and collaborate with those inside and outside the organization, it has become important for IT departments to find an effective collaboration tool.

Check out Inglis’ blog post for great advice on three key components that will help you find the right online file sharing solution.

3. Electrify your digital transformation with the cloud

By Tori Ballantine, product marketing specialist

If your business isn’t digital, it needs to be in order to remain competitive. So, if you take it as a given that you need to embrace digital transformation to survive and thrive, writes Ballantine, the next logical step is to look at how the cloud fits into your strategy.

Because sure, it’s possible to digitally transform without availing yourself of the massive benefits of the cloud. But why would you?

Read Ballantine’s post to find out how leveraging the cloud for your content services can not only save time and money, but also provide you with strong security features, great functionality, and large storage capacity.

4. 6 simple steps for improved information security and compliance 

By Dennis Chepurnov, product marketing principal

Smart information management does not have to be complicated. It starts with common-sense practices and tools your organization may already own.

Follow Chepurnov’s six simple steps and you’ll improve your information security and compliance.

5. Hyland named a ‘Strong Performer’ in Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management

By Brenda Kirk, executive vice president & chief product & strategy officer

“Over the past several years, we’ve been seeing more and more of our customers making the move toward cloud-based solutions,” said Kirk. “This is true across all our various product and solution offerings, including dynamic case management solutions.”

Check out Kirk’s post to learn more about cloud-based case management and why Forrester named Hyland to its list. Then click on the case management post directly below to watch a great overview video.

6. The case for case management

By Amanda Ulery, product marketing manager

Why is case management so popular?

Probably because these solutions have a direct impact on internal and external customer experiences – from better service and faster incident resolution to more accurate investigations. Read this blog post to learn three tips on choosing the right case management solution.

And, you know, watch the video.

7. Drinking our own champagne

By Stephen Watt, VP of information systems

Here at Hyland, we’ve been on our own digital transformation journey since 1991. As we’ve evolved, we’ve broadened our product portfolio, opened offices around the world, and reorganized our teams to improve the way we work. As VP of information systems, it’s Watt’s job to make sure we have the right internal technology to keep up with all this growth and change.

“A big part of that is evolving our systems and processes to support Hyland’s business plan – finding the right solutions to match the scope of the problems we’re addressing, while making smart use of resources and keeping costs in check,” said Watt. “I’ve found that, whatever issue we’re tackling, the more flexible and configurable a solution is – the more agile and adaptable it enables Hyland to be as a business. That’s why we’ve come to rely on OnBase as our low-code, rapid application development platform.”

Read Watt’s post to find out how his team uses rapid application development to quickly create solutions that address business needs – and then efficiently maintain those solutions.

8. No love lost: 3 reasons to break up with your legacy ECM system

By Danielle Simer, solution marketing manager

Compatibility, communication, and appreciation aren’t just important for personal relationships. If you feel like your current technology solutions can’t support your vision for the future, are struggling with workarounds to get systems to share information, or are investing more time and energy in maintenance than what you’re getting in functionality, it could be time to re-evaluate your enterprise information vendor partnership as well.

To help find your soul mate, read Simer’s blog post.

9. Showdown: Full disk encryption vs. file encryption

By Josh Gatka, penetration tester

Spoiler alert 1: It’s a tie.

I know, I know, that ruins all the drama. But take a look at Gatka’s blog post to find out how to stop data thieves in their tracks – by using both disk and file encryption.

10. How automated data capture solves your biggest workflow problems: Part 1

By Sam Mazzola, director of sales

“If any part of your workflow requires someone on your team to manually read documents and enter data, then you know: The process is slow, tedious, and error-prone,” said Mazzola. “This bottleneck results in rising costs and lost hours, as employees are held up doing menial tasks that, while necessary, are low in business value.”

Read the first part of Mazzola’s three-part series to find out three big ways automated data capture reduces manual effort – and business costs. Then read the next two posts to learn even more about how automated data capture helps optimize your processes.

BIG changes coming!

Spoiler alert 2: We have some big changes in store for 2019. Like, really big. And we think you’re going to love them!

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Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien