The guru’s gift of technology

While I’ve never worked as a tech support rep and have never assembled my own computer, my in-laws believe that I am a computer guru. Although I do work for an innovative software company as the Manager of Demonstration Services, I really can’t say that I am a guru at all. My in-laws faith in my ‘guruness’ is probably my fault, though.

You see, a few years ago, I bought my in-laws a brand new computer and promised them, “Everything would be a lot better.”

After all, their old laptop ran on Windows XP. It was riddled with malware pop-ups, and no applications could ever run on it. It was deathly slow to start up and good luck installing anything new on there.

“But it does what we need it to do,” said my in-laws. “We can pay our bills, and we can play solitaire.”

That was their common objection when I’d recommend a computer upgrade.

One year, full of Christmas Spirit (or maybe spirits), I told my wife, “I’m getting your parents a brand new computer. It’ll be awesome!”

It wasn’t awesome. Not at first.

“I lost all my bookmarks,” one said.

“I don’t know where to go anymore. Where’s my solitaire?” asked the other.

To infinity, and beyond!

Don’t worry, in-laws, I got you.

I set them up with their old bookmarks, and I put the link to the latest version of Microsoft Games right where they could see it. At first, they were full of hesitation. It was just a new computer, right? It still did the same things it used to do, right?

Not quite. With the brand new laptop, things that were latent problems were gone. Their old laptop didn’t have the ability to use Wi-Fi, so they couldn’t take their laptop from room to room. They had to hang out at the computer desk in the foyer area of the house where the router was. And the battery used to die after 20 minutes of being disconnected.


They can play solitaire in any room they want to! And they can go a whole eight hours before the low-battery warning pops up.

Oh, and the games? Let me tell you about the games. It’s not just solitaire anymore. Everything from Flappy Bird to Candy Crush.

And never mind the fact that they didn’t have any storage left on their old laptop. Their new one could store three lifetime’s worth of pictures of their grandkids, and that wouldn’t fill it all up.

A whole new world

Music? The old speakers on their previous laptop might as well have been a gramophone. The quality speakers on their new laptop let them kick out the greatest jams of Bruce Springsteen and Mariah Carey while they make sweet Christmas cookies with their beloved granddaughter.

In short, on the surface, their older technology limited the options they had. But it worked for some of their core needs. And that was okay.

However, by jumping into a newer technology platform, they gained a lot more than they ever realized. It improved their quality of life. It no longer takes them five minutes to load their financial statements. Now, it takes five seconds.

(Don’t) be afraid, be very afraid

Jumping from paper-based or even online file share and spreadsheet-based technologies to cutting-edge contract management software is the same thing. You just can’t be afraid, like my in-laws.

Otherwise, you’re stuck in the foyer forever.

For example, the OnBase Contract Management Point Application not only brings your same processes forward, but also helps you optimize them. Things that you couldn’t do, because you were stuck with traditional methods like using paper contracts, now become possible.

Just for starters, the application enables you to:

  • Get powerful visibility of contracts and where they are in their processes
  • Manage and revise clauses with a fully featured clause library tool
  • Create proper routing rules, structure, and consistency when contracts need to be reviewed and approved

These things just aren’t possible using older technologies. So let go of the past. Give the gift of technology to your team, even if the holidays are over.

Trust the guru – it’ll be the best way to start the New Year.

Hannah Frimel recently joined Hyland's Customer Experience team, taking on the role of the Project Coordinator. As such, she follows up with the individuals who respond to our surveys to discuss and better understand their concerns and any challenges and issues they might be experiencing. Hannah’s goal is to facilitate constructive dialogue and change, both internally and externally, to help improve our customers' experiences with our product, our people, and our processes. Please feel free to reach out to Hannah with any feedback you'd like to share and/or talk about at Hannah.Frimel at Thanks!
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Hannah Frimel recently joined Hyland’s Customer Experience team, taking on the role of the Project Coordinator. As such, she follows up with the individuals who respond to our surveys to... read more about: Hannah Frimel