The best companies to work for are right here in Northeast Ohio


While flipping through The Plain Dealer’s Sunday paper, I nearly screamed when I saw that it had published the 2014 Northeast Ohio Top Workplaces list. Although I shouldn’t have been surprised – I’ve submitted the nomination for Hyland, creator of OnBase, for a few years now – I still get very excited about the rankings of Northeast Ohio’s best companies.

Seeing Hyland at the top of the list for large companies (500-plus local employees) put a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.

For the fifth consecutive year, Hyland has been named as a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio. It’s a great honor to be able to share this recognition with so many other deserving local companies, all working together to enhance our Northeast Ohio community.

But we would be remiss to not thank the members of our Hyland family for making it such a great place to work – all 1,650 of them. Without their hard work and dedication every day, we wouldn’t be able to achieve all that we have and continue grow into the leading global enterprise content management (ECM) vendor. The best part of this survey, however, is that the evaluation is based solely upon feedback from Hylanders. So thank you to all our employees who took the time to tell our story.

As we continue to grow, we love to hear feedback on what you think makes a company great. Leave your feedback and comments below letting us know what you feel is the best part of your current organization or what you wish your organization could provide.

Don’t forget to check out our feature in Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces 2014 list and be sure to spread the word about the great places to work right here in Cleveland!

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that... read more about: Kathleen Vegh