Software upgrades: It takes a village – or a community


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “Upgrades? More like ugggh-grades!”

(Laughter! Or groans.)

Upgrading software shouldn’t be a weekend-consuming, stress-inducing, cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best kind of thing.

At Hyland, we think you should be able to upgrade your solution on your own schedule – during work hours – without bringing your critical business processes to a grinding halt.

We get it. Upgrading mission-critical software can be scary. Sure, an upgrade gives you new features and bug fixes, but it also opens your organization up to risks – risks like unknown bugs or functionality that your users may not know how to use correctly.

We work hard to mitigate those risks for you. Our software offers a number of resources, tools, and best practices that allow us to offer the least-stressful upgrade experience in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry. And every good upgrade project starts in the OnBaseCommunity.

You might already know that OnBaseCommunity is a great place to go to learn about document management software, but did you know that we also offer an entire technical community where you can discover and research topics like APIs, third-party software support, security and – yes – upgrades? You can also investigate cutting-edge tools like digital software, OCR software, and even business process management.

I could go on and on, but here are my top three reasons why you should kick-off every upgrade in the OnBase Upgrade Community:

1. It’s free

Every one of our customers and partners has free access. Don’t have an account? Create one today!

2. Comprehensive documentation

You can download PDF copies of all of our upgrade documentation, including:

  • The Technical Requirements Overview – Excellent for pre-upgrade preparedness, including technical and installation requirements.
  • The Upgrade Guidelines Module Reference Guide – Includes the collected best practices for upgrading and a thought-provoking upgrades checklist.
  • Mitigating Risk in OnBase Upgrades – A detailed technical guide to upgrading your solutions using the Incremental Parallel Upgrade Process (IPUP).

3. Powerful tools

You can also access outstanding software tools that help ensure a smooth upgrade process, including:

  • The System Assessment Tool – A diagnostic utility you can download and run on each server or workstation to determine readiness.
  • Delta Reports – On demand, personalized reporting that you can use to view some or all of the enhancements or fixes that we’ve made to our software between the version you’re using and the latest release version.

We do our best to ensure your upgrade experience is as stress-free as possible. So relax! Breathe some fresh air! Live your life!

We have your upgrade covered.

Jeremy Negrey

For nearly a decade, Jeremy Negrey has been helping Hyland’s customers and partners better understand their OnBase solution through documentation and training. Currently a team leader on the team,... read more about: Jeremy Negrey