Mobile Technology is Empowering Business To Do More, Faster

Managing New Content in New Ways-ACORD LOMA Goes MobileThere was a time not long ago one might consider apps for mobile devices a consumer-driven fad. After all, in 2008, a year after the iPhone was released in June 2007, there were only 500 apps available in Apple’s App Store. Most were quirky games or offered simple services like GPS-driven maps.

Consumers adopted apps quickly, however, and soon more sophisticated offerings were available. And after the billionth download was recorded sometime in April 2009, it was clear that apps were here to stay.

“This strong consumer adoption of mobile devices and apps has made its way into the corporate world,” says Tom Vitale, Hyland Software Product Evangelist. Vitale hosted the Mobile Devices 2.0 track at OTTC 2011, Hyland Software’s technical and training conference. The track featured new mobile app functionality for OnBase users.

The shift signals a move away from trendy technology and into functionality that makes sense for the business and the customer. In the enterprise content management space, that means helping people work more effectively wherever they are, driving down users’ total cost of ownership by giving them innovative ways to leverage their existing technology investments.

This trend isn’t going anywhere, either. “Given the potential of mobile devices to increase employee productivity and provide new ways to interact with customers, it’s a key opportunity for enterprise IT to exploit,” reports By “giving users fuller work-related utility of their mobile devices, enterprise IT can tap into consumer devices that today are more powerful and productive than their corporate-issued counterparts.”

In the world of ECM, that means empowering the C-suite, managers and business travelers with workable, real-world solutions. It allows connectivity to their workflow so they can make decisions in real-time, regardless of their location. This helps eliminate bottlenecks and work-arounds, a cause for consternation in many organizations.

It empowers remote and field employees, reducing workforce downtown and eliminating disparate systems. And doing so device-agnostically, with solutions written in native applications, will provide users with a more consistent experience.

For business, this means another opportunity to strategically extend their IT investment – to truly do more with less. Which, in this case, is less opportunity for slowing down business processes.

Tom Tennant has expertise in content creation and content services and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant has expertise in content creation and content services and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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