IT and the ECM user: The same person?

I spent part of today in the commercial vertical OnBase group of user experts (VOGUE) meeting. Remember what I said about ECM being the convergence of people (among other things)? Well, I’m one-for-one so far with my theme.

During one of the sessions, the presenter stopped and asked how many IT people were in the room. Then, she asked how many were the people actually using the technology. The room was split 50/50. And then, she threw a curveball: “How many act as both IT and the user?” About a third of the room proudly raised their hands.

ECM is a technology that, in function, needs to have a breadth of capabilities. Think robust workflows to route carefully organized documents and data, and the auditing capabilities to track it all.

But just because it does a lot doesn’t mean it has to be hard to use and implement. We’re at that point with all enterprise technology where the users actually want to drive the changes in the product – and maybe actually make the changes on their own.

In other words, custom coding just isn’t going to work anymore. Long term, it adds consulting fees, lots of internal training for IT and painful upgrades.

Bringing IT and the users together can deliver a better product quicker and cheaper – but only if the product empowers the users to do so.

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Kaitlin McCready

Kaitlin McCready

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