Introducing the OnBase Contract Management Point Application

A big part of our culture here at Hyland revolves around listening to our customers. As we do, we continue to hear about the growing need for business-specific solutions that add important functionality while reducing costs, complexity, and time to value.

That’s why we’ve begun developing repeatable solutions. These solutions drive customer value and deliver measurable business benefits. They also allow our customers to deploy the solutions rapidly, with minimal service requirements.


The first repeatable solution we’ve developed is the OnBase Contract Management Point Application, a flexible packaged solution that empowers users to easily manage the contract lifecycle from request through execution and renewal.

“In pursuit of the best possible customer experience, we developed this business-specific solution that is intuitive for end users, easy to deploy, and quick to extend the value OnBase already brings to organizations,” said Scott Dwyer, vice president of product management at Hyland.

With simple deployment and preconfigured functionality, users leverage key features including:

  • Secure collaboration and electronic signatures
  • Reporting dashboards that display real-time updates of contract status and contract lifecycle progress
  • A built-in clause library that allows them to quickly draft and modify contracts with pre-filled and approved clauses

Speed and scalability

This flexible application can scale from a simple revision and versioning tool to an ad-hoc routing workflow or even a complete clause library enabled contract lifecycle solution. Once the contracting process begins, reviewers can mark up, comment, and assign tasks to others throughout the lifecycle of the contract.

“We designed every feature within the OnBase Contract Management Point Application to help legal, procurement, and contract professionals better manage their individual contract processes with little to no technical experience needed,” said Dwyer.

So, if you keep telling us what your organization needs to become more efficient and effective, we’ll keep listening. Better yet, we’ll keep developing solutions to those issues that are slowing you down.

Because that’s what we do.

Sarah Frimel

Sarah Frimel is responsible for Hyland’s strategic online communities. As the product manager for Community, she strives to provide an exceptional online resource that meets the needs of customer, partner,... read more about: Sarah Frimel