Introducing AirBase by Hyland: Simple, cloud-based document management


While it’s a common request during interviews with industry pubs and icebreaker events at conferences, it’s hard for me to choose “just one word” to describe anything.

Yet, if I had to choose just one word to describe where Hyland is going in 2017 and beyond, it would be “growth.” (You might have seen the recent news about the expansion of our global campus and our intent to hire an additional 400 employees this year.)

Yes, we’re growing our physical space and we’re growing our employee base. But with the official launch of AirBase by Hyland, we’re also continuing to grow our suite of product offerings.

Document management made easy

AirBase, the newest member of the Hyland product family (joining siblings OnBase, ShareBase and LawLogix), is a simple, cloud-based document management application that equips organizations to take control of the documents that drive their business.

How does AirBase do it? By empowering businesses with simple document management needs to cost-effectively:

  • Eliminate the challenges of paper-based processes and scattered documents

Business users add documents to AirBase and classify them into logical groups from any web browser, mobile device or select multifunction-devices.

  • Provide access to documents – anytime, anywhere

With AirBase, documents are instantly accessible through any web browser or mobile device. Employees can easily search for and find documents while in the office or on the go by leveraging an intuitive tile-based interface.

  • Take advantage of to-do lists and easy person-to-person document routing

Organizations ensure documents get in front of the right people in real time – including approvers, reviewers and decision-makers.

  • Deploy quickly and confidently with a cloud-based offering

With AirBase, businesses are confident that their information is safe and secure in a private cloud, with individual encryption, no co-mingling of data and a simple subscription-licensing model.

  • Equip business users to intuitively create, grow and maintain solutions quickly and easily

They do so directly from the user interface – requiring little training while lessening the burden on IT staff.

During our 25 years providing content management software solutions, we’ve learned that the pains of paper and disorganized information are not limited to large enterprises or established industries. Both Hyland and our global partner network have seen a growing need for simple, intuitive, cloud-based solutions.

AirBase – sold exclusively through our partner channel – is our answer to this need, providing an opportunity for our partner community and document management solutions for an underserved market.

Smaller-sized organizations also have big issues

In fact, AirBase offers specific value for smaller businesses and organizations that are just dipping their toes into the document management waters, addressing the challenges of paper documents, scattered digital documents and breakdowns in communication that cause lost time, money and in some cases, could incur penalties.

Hyland is and always has been dedicated to innovation – and using our experience and expertise to develop useful, intuitive, cloud-based applications is one area that we’re dedicated to. In fact, with ShareBase and now AirBase, we’ve now launched two products in one year that leverage our secure, proven, purpose-built Hyland Cloud platform.

So, while describing Hyland’s direction in “just one word” is a tough feat, I’m confident in my response. When it comes to growth, enterprise information platforms and cloud-based applications that are powerful, yet easy to use, we’re: Experienced. Yes, I cheated a bit there in the set up, but I told you, one-word answers are difficult.

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Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving Financial Services customers, was promoted to Director of Financial Services in 2002 and held that title until becoming VP of Sales, Americas, in 2005.

Under Brenda’s leadership, Hyland’s total revenues increased more than 96 percent. In 2010, she took on the newly created VP of Strategy post to help drive the company’s long-term strategic vision and aggressive growth goals.

She serves on the Foundation Board and also the Children’s Hospital VAC at MetroHealth Medical Center, one of the largest, most comprehensive public health care providers in Northeast Ohio.
Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving... read more about: Brenda Kirk