Improving processes through transparency

The goal of investing in almost any IT solution can pretty much be boiled down to improving your organization’s processes. So when deploying a solution that touches every corner of your organization – like enterprise content management (ECM) – you need to be able to easily see the changes that system makes.

That’s why transparency is crucial to any ECM solution. The ability to see each and every step of a process, when it was completed and by whom increases accountability. It also provides your organization with an audit trail that acts as a safety net to help ensure each step of every process is completed correctly and on time.

Listen in as Kevin Corbett, solution expert at Hyland, creator of OnBase, describes how OnBase Checklists for Process Control replaces the inefficient spreadsheets and Word documents used by most organizations, offering a checklist approach to managing your important processes.

However, a complete audit trail and increased accountability are only a few of the benefits increased transparency provides. Taking a checklist approach to process improvement allows your organization to gather analytics for each step of your processes, from beginning to end. That way, you make sure you have created the smoothest paths for your processes and make changes where necessary – minimizing errors and cutting out wasted time and effort.

Below, Simeon Schwartz, chairman and CEO at WESTMED Practice Partners, explains how WESTMED uses OnBase Checklists for Process Control to minimize errors and create the optimal pathway of care for its patients.

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Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

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