Hyland’s George Angelato, Customer Service Czar, Discusses the Importance of Customer Service and Support

There’s little question George Angelato, vice president of quality assurance and customer support, is passionate about his work. He understands implicitly the high value of customer service and support. He coaches his team on the significance of exceptional service at every touch point and consistently serving as an advocate for every customer. That advocacy, he explains, builds trust, which quickly leads to loyalty.

So it’s no surprise that Angelato is surprised when he encounters companies that do not embrace this philosophy. We caught up with Angelato on Hyland Software’s OTTC 2011, the company’s annual technical and training conference.

“When I consider customer support, I always think about how our customers expect support,” he says. “I always ask myself, what would I expect when looking for good support from somebody?”

When evaluating a vendor, Angelato says, it’s always necessary to ask about support – how they conduct it and what their philosophy is behind it.

“What differentiates them from their competitors in the way they do support? Do they do it themselves, do they outsource it,” he asks. “How do they log support issues? What might I expect in the way of getting answers back to my questions? Do I have to do it by email or can I pick up the phone and call?”

He is concerned about companies that have moved toward email as its primary form of customer communication.

“They don’t want you to pick up the phone, or they want you to do it through some portal,” he says. “I like to know what all my options are before I’m ever signing off with a new vendor.”

These options translate into customer communication channels, which are growing by the minute – from traditional to social media. Success comes by creating consistency across all channels. That’s the challenge, Angelato says. Companies that can master that are on the road to building customers for life.

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