Hyland CEO A.J. Hyland Talks Technology Trends and the Importance of ‘Been There, Done That’

As the first day of OTTC 2011 wrapped up, I had the good fortune to catch Hyland Software CEO A.J. Hyland in the conference hall and he generously took a few moments to chat with us on camera.

Sharing his view of technology trends and how technology has evolved over the last 20 years, A.J. points to the explosion of processing power and the capabilities of storage.

“Storage used to be one of the most expensive components of a document management solution,” he says. “Now it’s just sort of an afterthought.”

He also talks about the rapid growth of mobile technology. Mobile is changing the way we work and extending our technology investments even further.

“Bringing technology to the individual – tablets, smartphones, iPads – that’s going to be something really intriguing to watch,” A.J. says. “Now we can extend functionality to wherever people are – throughout the world – so they can make better business decisions and get information anywhere.”

A.J. expects to see more document sharing uniformity, and not only intra-organizational, but inter-organizational as well.

“Particularly in healthcare,” he says, using patient files shared among hospitals and physicians’ offices as an example. “Creating an environment where it’s easy to share that data? I think that’s going to be a big and important trend.”

A.J. also shared his view on how best to search for business solutions, regardless of the technology. He said that search should always start by engaging with a vender that has experience and demonstrates stability.

“People who have ‘been there, done that,’ who know the ins and outs, they’ve seen things that can help bring value to your organization,” he says.

He also says to keep an eye out for innovation.

“Is this software vendor developing new solutions? Are they creating new things to solve new problems?” he asks. If not, consider it a red flag.

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