How Can You Get More From Your Technology Investment?

Counties Lead the IT Way, Part I – View from the Digital Counties Awards 2011I’ve noticed that there’s a theme developing at OTTC 2011, and we’re only half-way through the first day. After speaking with a dozen or more customers, and listening to a handful of testimonials, it’s clear that organizations large and small are searching for ways to extend their technology investments – any technology investment.

Reasons why vary. Some are economic. Budgets remain tight and companies must do more with less. Some want to gain new functionality that speeds business processes or creates new efficiencies. And others realize they have an opportunity to expand successful implementations, particularly enterprise content management solutions, across departments and into new areas of the company.

Jamie Schuster knows what I’m talking about. Schuster is a senior applications administrator for Heartland Financial in Dubuque, Iowa. Schuster and her team have used the same imaging system since 2004. Schuster’s hoping she’ll discover how to extend that successful investment across her community banking network. She has a laundry list of questions and she’s looking for solid answers, so when she returns from OTTC, she and her team can get to work.

You can take a note from Schuster and her team – and so can technology vendors. More and more, end users are looking for solutions that can grow with their company, that can quickly show ROI. Solutions that can’t provide the flexibility organizations need will slowly become obsolete.

Last night I talked about the “been there, done that” philosophy of joining a community of similar end-users and industry experts to share solutions. Today – and through the rest of week – I’m going to talk about the “been there, done that – now it’s time to do more” reality of getting the most from your technology investment ­– any technology investment.

So before we spend the next couple days exploring ways to do this, let’s define what we’re talking about. And what we’re talking about – well, what customers are talking about – is to get the right technology solution, there is an investment, to varying degrees, of time and money. Once you have the solution in-house, how do you continue to see a return on that technology investment? How do you make sure you’re using their software solution to its fullest in a smart and strategic way?

That might mean searching for ways to use their solution in other areas of the business – what we affectionately call “enterprise-wide.” Or it might be breaking through your four walls to allow end users to access their work from mobile devices or the Web. 

Whatever it is, it is making the most of your investment, whether that’s doing more with less or using every aspect of your technology solution.

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant has expertise in content creation and content services and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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