#GuidewireConnections: Accomplishing a digital transformation

Last night was the official kick-off of the Guidewire Connections 2017 conference, and we couldn’t be more excited to be back in Las Vegas supporting our partnership with Guidewire and helping insurers achieve their digital-first visions.

This morning’s keynote presentations included updates from Guidewire’s executive team: Marcus Ryu, chief executive officer; Ali Kheirolomoom, chief product officer and Brian Desmond, chief marketing officer. The primary theme was continuing to evolve and expand the reach of insurance, while staying ahead of industry trends in a world that is transforming at rapid speed.

In an industry where digital transformation, technology modernization and digitization have become nearly over used, Guidewire’s executives stressed the importance and value insurers deliver: managing more calamitous risks than ever. But at the same time, the industry is inundated with new data sets and evolving risk types, so insurers need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

3 priorities

In the presentation, Marcus Ryu outlined three digital reinvention priorities insurers need to implement to better measure and understand risks and data:

1. Instrument and automate

Insurers need to better understand and measure their operations to see where technology can be beneficial and streamline operations.

2. Digital

Life insurance is the perfect industry to focus on digitization and digital transformation. Digitizing all operations from front-end capture to claims processes improves the customer experience and promotes efficient digital communication.

3. Data

The industry needs to exploit data at hand to reevaluate risks. By making the maximum use of data available, insurers will have more – and better – insights than ever before.

Find the right platform to extend your Guidewire software solution

To accomplish the above imperatives, insurers should select technology platforms that:

  • Unify data
  • Earn critical mass use
  • Leverage the cloud
  • Promote an open marketplace
  • Drive down the total cost of ownership

Listening to the keynote presentations this morning, it’s clear to see that our partnership with Guidewire is more aligned than ever to serve the industry. Our joint focus on evolving our software solutions with continuous innovation and emphasis on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction remains constant.

To learn more about how our experienced partnership can help you accomplish your digital transformation, stop by booth #P3.

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane is the global solution marketing manager for Hyland’s insurance vertical. Her mission is to effectively position Hyland as the leading content services platform within the insurance market by... read more about: Cara McFarlane

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