Four reasons why companies like Xerox partner with Hyland, creator of OnBase


With hundreds of partners around the world, Hyland, creator of OnBase has the best reseller network in the enterprise content management (ECM) industry. From local consultancies to global organizations like Xerox, our partners represent the most experienced and knowledgeable document and process management specialists in the world who are dedicated to making work easier for their customers.

This begs the question: of all the ECM vendors that our partners could have chosen, why did these outstanding organizations decide to build their ECM businesses around OnBase? Through my many interactions with our partners, including those on our Partner Advisory and Development Advisory Councils, I believe I have identified their rationale.

Our partners serve companies of all sizes. Each of their customers has their own unique value propositions for their own customer base, and our partners assist them by enabling their employees to be more efficient through easy access to their business data. That’s why Xerox chose Hyland.

Our partners chose OnBase for many reasons to augment this strategy, but here are the top four.

OnBase is flexible and scalable
First, OnBase is an ECM product that is engineered for any size enterprise. We scientifically built the architecture to meet the demanding, high-volume ECM needs of customers with as few as 50 employees or as many as 50,000 employees. Small OnBase systems are 200 million documents or fewer, while large systems start around 800 million documents. Our largest customers who want to take their ECM systems throughout their enterprises need a platform that can scale to these sizes and this isn’t true for every product that calls itself ECM.

OnBase integrates systems – without coding
Second, the promise of an ECM platform is that it will be the framework used between differing lines of business (LOB) systems that our customers’ users are working in throughout their day. As the individual is preparing to make a decision, and needs content stored in the ECM, OnBase makes it intuitively accessible without forcing the user to have to switch over to an OnBase Client. OnBase has many different integration strategies that customers can implement without writing a single line of code!

This means our customers are able to configure complex solutions to extend the value of their LOB systems and bring documents directly to their users while they are working in those systems. Since they don’t have to leave their familiar systems to find the documents and information they need, most users don’t even know they’re utilizing OnBase. Adding further value, OnBase’s integration capability means that information updates within the LOB system are accomplished automatically. In fact, the efficiencies gained typically become the ROI justification for the system.

OnBase easily scales across the enterprise
Third, just because an ECM vendor claims to be enterprise-ready doesn’t mean it is true. Too many ECM products were built by well-meaning software developers to replace a physical filing cabinet with an electronic equivalent. This roadmap starts from a limited premise that isn’t built to efficiently integrate the content for all departments into an effectively navigable single solution. The silo nature of a physical file cabinet has plagued the vast majority of ECM products that have come and gone over the years when their user community wants to expand to more departments throughout the enterprise.

OnBase is built from the ground up to treat content as content – regardless of the departmental source or the file format. This allows OnBase customers to easily expand their solutions from an initial department to related departments that need to share some portion of content, to eventually the entire enterprise – and then to external business partners who directly participate in workflows.

OnBase has a clear and robust roadmap
Fourth, our partners chose OnBase because of our roadmap and continuous development. OnBase has been enterprise-ready for many years, as attested by its extensive enterprise deployments throughout our 13,000+ customer base. Every year OnBase delivers a new release and each has, on average, 15 new OnBase modules. With an R&D team over 400 people strong and a product already so robust, our customers don’t need to be concerned about OnBase becoming enterprise-ready, it already is.

That’s why the world’s best ECM solution providers chose OnBase, the world’s best ECM product. The relationship is great for them, great for us and most importantly, great for our customers who benefit from our transformative ECM solutions. After all, our common goal is to help staff members perform their daily tasks quicker and easier while providing management access to real-time information. We’re proud of how OnBase accomplishes this, and we’re proud that we help so many people around the world work more efficiently.

Bill Filion is the vice president of software development for Hyland. Bill manages all development of OnBase and sets the strategic vision for continuing the education, advancement and maturation of Hyland's development teams.

When he joined Hyland in 1997 as a Senior Developer, Bill focused his development around the OnBase file I/O infrastructure, the database software layer, export/publishing and all facets of CD/DVD Authoring. In 2001, Bill was promoted to manager of the OnBase Thick Client Development team. Bill was promoted to Vice President of Development in 2006.

Prior to joining Hyland, Bill worked as a software consultant in the Cleveland area for both CAP Gemini Sogeti and Compuware. He received his B.A. in Computer Science from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio.
Bill Filion

Bill Filion

Bill Filion is the vice president of software development for Hyland. Bill manages all development of OnBase and sets the strategic vision for continuing the education, advancement and maturation of... read more about: Bill Filion