Facebook Live: Explore the OnBase user experience

Looking for a way to move beyond managing information to using it more productively? Would you like to see what that would look like?

If so, join Glenn Gibson, Hyland’s director of product communications and yours truly, from Hyland’s product evangelist team, to immerse yourself in the “OnBase experience.”

Our demos focus on users and how the OnBase enterprise information platform provides a complete view of the information they need – when and where they need it.

You’ll see how OnBase:

  • Provides a personalized, intuitive experience on multiple devices and platforms
  • Integrates with core applications to provide a “one-stop shop” for critical information
  • Allows organizations to securely interact with “outside” users (vendors, constituents, patients, students, and more) for form completion and information sharing

Sign up for the demo on Facebook Live today. See you Monday, April 9th at noon!

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane has been an OnBase product evangelist since 2009. With a background in digital communication and design, she specializes in integrations, electronic forms, signatures, and correspondence management. She shares... read more about: Carolyn Kane