ECM: The convergence of processes, people and information

“What, would you say, ya do here?”

I hope you’re a fan of the movie “Office Space.” This line is one of my favorites – the company is downsizing, and a long time employee is interrogated about his seemingly misunderstood and undefined role.

And interestingly enough, I think this scene has a lot to do with a topic that I’m also a fan of – enterprise content management (ECM) software.

To me, it’s sometimes viewed by outsiders much like the guy in “Office Space” – misunderstood and undefined.

If you’re one of those outsiders, or maybe just feel like one sometimes, you’re in luck. You’re about to get the insiders’ perspectives on what ECM is now, where it’s headed and why it’s so important in the landscape of enterprise IT.

From now through Thursday, I’ll be reporting from the OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC), Hyland Software’s annual user conference. Every trend, idea, challenge, etc. that I write about here will be driven by conversations and sessions at the show.

The end result? A new, fresh look at ECM. I’m not going to give it a new definition in the traditional sense. It’s going to be more about a renewal of what ECM is, and it’s all going to start and end with this phrase:

The convergence of processes, people and information

This best thing about this new look is that it’s not limited by an industry, job role or how long you’ve been involved with ECM. So no matter if you’re a claims adjuster in insurance who’s had ECM for years, a health information management professional in healthcare who’s just starting to learn about it, or an IT administer of a brand new ECM product in a county government public works department, this applies to you.

Here are just a few of the topics that you can expect throughout the week:

  •  People use ECM, so it has to work for the people using it, not just IT.
  • An ECM product is only as good as the problems it solves in a given industry or business process.
  • ECM isn’t about managing content anymore; it’s what brings together data, documents and processes – and keeps it together – to accomplish some end goal.

So comment away – agree or disagree. All constructive opinions are welcome.

Check back often for more posts as I’ll be adding a few a day. Or, take this opportunity to subscribe via e-mail or RSS to be the first to know a new blog post has arrived. Plus, I’ll be tweeting them from @HylandSoftware, where you can keep up with OTTC activity via the #OTTC hashtag.

Stay tuned!

Kaitlin McCready

Kaitlin McCready

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