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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have problems. Yes, some of you out there like to call them issues, challenges, or possibly even “opportunities.”

I’m not here to be a thesaurus. I’m here to solve your problems. Or whatever you wish to call them.

For example, last year, we were asked to solve two problems for both customers and potential customers. They were:

  1. There isn’t any visibility into proven OnBase solutions
  2. It’s hard to demonstrate to decision makers what OnBase can do for our organization

Also, customers were telling us that OnBase is just a scanning solution. Which is like saying the Smithsonian is just a gift shop. While true, it’s a small piece of a greater thing.

So, to solve these problems, we created

We built the site to help you understand what solutions are available, appreciate how they will deliver return on investment, and show decision makers how you’re going to increase your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness with your OnBase investment. The planner helps you get resources – whether that’s money or people – and demonstrates to decision makers how a tool you might already own can easily improve processes across the entire enterprise.

How it works

There are two main functions within My OnBase Planner. The first is the solution browser. It hosts replicable, proven OnBase solutions that have brought true value to our customers. With each solution, we’ve included information that helps you make intelligent decisions about the viability of each. This includes information like:

  • Granular information on the solution itself
  • Recommended modules
  • Supporting resources about the solution
  • Expected ROI factors to consider
  • The ability to engage with certified experts to create true competitive advantage

The second main function of My OnBase Planner is the actual planning piece. This is where you can craft your own roadmap for the next one to five years. You can add notes, add solutions, and even export information to a PDF to share with your entire organization.

This is what makes My OnBase Planner an intuitive tool that shows you what our suite of solutions and a true enterprise information platform can do that our competition can’t. Like helping you minimize IT sprawl, for example. The planner also illuminates how OnBase easily expands across the entire enterprise, whereas our competitors can only do that through extensive custom coding.

As wonderful as it is – and believe me, it is wonderful – My OnBase Planner is just a part of our amazing educational support system. Whether it’s at Hyland, CommunityLIVE, TechQuest, Premium Subscription, or a dozen other learning options, our training and customer support guides you to do amazing things with OnBase.

How to successfully invest in speed, efficiency, and the future

Trust me, I know your boss. She wants answers.

Answers like: What, when, why, and how much? The planner gives you the ability to present a high-level view that answers these questions. It’s the easiest presentation you’ll ever have to make. You’ll be prepared with a plan that demonstrates how your organization can use one platform to manage information and make everyone’s lives easier.

And since your boss is smart, she will say yes, but will have ideas of her own. No sweat. You can create more than one roadmap and even merge them if you want to. Just like the OnBase platform itself, the planner is super-flexible.

If you’re just beginning, My OnBase Planner shows you typical modules based on your industry and size. For example, the mom and pop store down the street has different accounts payable needs than Bank of America. You can see the basic modules you need, or you can build more robust solutions.

In the future, we want to tie everything into the modules you already own, so when you’re planning solutions, we can get even more granular with the information. It’s like the “what’s in your fridge app” that takes what’s in your fridge and tells you what you can make for dinner. Which is pretty cool.

So now you’re asking, “Once I convince management, will I ever use this tool again?”

Yes, because it will help you realize what you can do in the future, as well as the new functionalities OnBase offers every year. Our next phase will be to ask you “What’s your business pain?” and then light up a proven path for your organization.

It’s easy, it’s free, go there now

Did I mention it’s free? If we know your credentials, you’ll go right to your industry. If not, simply click on your industry. It’s that easy.

If you don’t have credentials, sign up and have a look for yourself.

We have successfully implemented every single solution you’ll see. You’ll find relevant information about actual solutions – like what, how, why, the benefits, the ROI, and more.

Try it. You’ll like it. You can’t break it, so don’t worry about it. Kick the tires all you want!

Oh yeah, and it’s free. That’s the one you were waiting for, am I right? Yeah, it’s still free.

Make your life easier while you make everyone else’s lives easier. Craft your organization’s strategy for success – now, and into the future. Go to My OnBase Planner.

During the last 20 years at Hyland, Mike Discenzo (Mike D) has been an IT specialist, marketing specialist, art director, and creative director. He is currently the team lead for Global Services Marketing.
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Mike D

During the last 20 years at Hyland, Mike Discenzo (Mike D) has been an IT specialist, marketing specialist, art director, and creative director. He is currently the team lead for... read more about: Mike D