#OTTC14: Case management: Painting a new landscape in information access


Earlier today, I had the chance to speak to a heavily air-conditioned room full of OnBase customers about case management at our annual OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC).

My co-presenters and I had one main goal: To help the OnBase community understand how the concept of “case management” is transforming the enterprise content management (ECM) world. A secondary goal was for them to see how they can leverage OnBase by Hyland to support work that demands a 360-degree view of information – including data records, documents, notes, conversations, emails and history.

Bright innovation and a defining shift

Using the paint industry as a colorful analogy, we talked about innovation. We analyzed the ability of successful organizations to survive and thrive in competitive markets by embracing, and sometimes even driving, change.

Similar to how innovations in color mixing technology have shaped the direction of the commercial paint market, over the past few years, the discipline of case management has been shaking up the IT landscape. Put simply, case management requires companies to adopt a new mindset for creating solutions to today’s business problems and for equipping an increasingly relevant type of business user by giving them immediate, organized access to the information they need.

Although casework was at one time limited to courtrooms, hospitals and social services agencies, over the past few years, industry analysts have expanded the definition to include a wide range of work processes that share some common traits. These traits involve:

  • Non-routine work or unpredictable events
  • Human know-how, decisions and discretion (aka “knowledge work”)
  • Data or information

So in this view, a “case” can be everything from customers, vendors, patients, incidents, to projects. And we’re seeing some forward-thinking customers innovating with OnBase – leveraging their IT investments for a variety of case management applications that include things like fraud investigation, contract management, facilities project management, vendor relationship management, IT help desks, customer service and many, many more.

Leveraging OnBase as the base paint

So how does OnBase truly facilitate a case management approach and provide the capabilities required? While OnBase has traditionally been recognized as a powerful document management solution, it also offers a comprehensive platform to rapidly configure content-enabled business applications that center on data or information.

One main advantage of building these applications using OnBase? The ability to manage key data, supporting documents and business processes is built into our software platform – along with other critical components like security controls, document history, audit trails and easy integration with third-party systems. With such a strong starting foundation to work with, the palette of possible case management solutions is almost endless.

Ending with our paint analogy, my co-presenters and I encouraged our customers to think of OnBase as the white “base paint.” It’s that strong, solid foundation on which different “pigments” of functionality and capabilities can be mixed in order to create the exact “color” – or business application – that meets their unique business needs.

In turn, this minimizes the need to buy off-the-shelf solutions that can’t be easily connected or extended to other areas of the organization. It also minimizes the need for developers to build these capabilities from scratch via custom code. This empowers IT to focus on configuring applications that drive value for the business and empower the knowledge worker – which in the end is what case management is all about.

What “cases” are your business users managing today? Could you help them handle that work in a better way? I’d love to hear about it!

In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The proud manager of the product marketing team, she has a background in integrated marketing, the stubborn focus (and eye for detail) of an ex-journalist and the goal of helping the world realize how Hyland solutions can truly transform the way we work.
Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The... read more about: Amanda Ulery