Be our guest: The OnBase Release Candidate program

In Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” circumstances find the smart and capable heroine Belle held prisoner in the castle of the titular Beast. The Beast treated Belle reasonably well during this captivity, but she had no freedom. After a rocky start to their relationship, a series of comical events, and a few lovely and Grammy-worthy songs, the Beast (spoilers) learns at last to love and willingly frees Belle from his castle.

During past release cycles, Hyland R&D has found itself in a position where we were holding beautiful (in French, belle) fully tested software captive to the “beast” of collateral – multifarious and very necessary materials which include extensive documentation, marketing, training, and demo materials among other things.

But, because we love the latest, belle OnBase version so much, we are no longer willing to hold the new release captive while allowing sufficient time to produce a beastly amount of best-in-class collateral.

We want to let OnBase 17 free, into both test and production environments across the globe. So we’re going to do it!

Life is so unnerving for software that isn’t serving

I’m happy to announce that Hyland R&D has introduced a new program for early access to the latest version of OnBase: the OnBase 17 Release Candidate.

This current cycle marks the first major release where Hyland will provide official, production-ready software two months prior to the completion of marketing material, comprehensive documentation, and other collateral.

This means you won’t have to wait until early summer to get OnBase 17; you can get all the new software at the end of spring!

The Release Candidate is a 100 percent fully supported version of OnBase 17. If you don’t require marketing material and other collateral on day one, you should get the Release Candidate. Release notes will be available. You can begin testing and get a two-month head start.

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test

If you’re already a customer or partner, you can sign up for Release Candidate today.

The rest of our release cycle has not changed. Prior to the Release Candidate launch, OnBase 17 will go through the same rigorous testing we have always put our releases through – with a few added backend test and development processes – to ensure our most secure, stable, and innovative product yet.

While customers who take advantage of Release Candidate will get a head start on testing and upgrading to the latest version, Hyland will also see a flurry of activity as we work to produce all manner of meaningful content.

After a short but sufficient period to make all this material available, OnBase 17 will be ready for its grand premiere and we will formally announce when we fully release it.

Like the Beast, Hyland has learned the proverbial lesson “If you love something, let it go.” We are very excited to let OnBase 17 go, ready for your test and production environments very soon.

Sign up for the Release Candidate today, and stay tuned to the OnBase Community for more details!

Mike Current started at Hyland in 2010 as a technical support rep and cloud engineer for Global Cloud Services. He is currently an Infrastructure Admin in Quality Assurance. Mike tests configuration, runs projects such as Release Candidate and the OnBase 16 Beta Program, manages the “Mitigating Risk in OnBase Upgrades” whitepaper and evangelizes synchronous and incremental parallel upgrades.

Outside of OnBase, Mike loves spending time with his family, working out and playing Xbox. He can often be found sipping a whisky and talking about geeky things while watching a Patriots football or Cleveland Cavaliers game.
Mike Current

Mike Current

Mike Current started at Hyland in 2010 as a technical support rep and cloud engineer for Global Cloud Services. He is currently an Infrastructure Admin in Quality Assurance. Mike tests... read more about: Mike Current